Dear Santa...

** Soundtrack of the Minute - Save Me : Nicki Minaj **

Reminiscing with my flatmate about what Christmas was like as a kid in Naij where we didn't get gifts but went shopping with daddy to get new dresses and shoes and BAGS!! HEAVEN!! And the tradition continued when we came here and had the annual Bluewater trip. But I don't  feel that warm fuzzy BUZZ like I used to when I was a kid....I've realised that I'm not so much looking forward to the gifts and carolling etc as much as family fun and Wii tournaments. Coming from a family where I am the youngest, and for YEARS, I was the only one home, waiting for my older siblings to years like this where everyone gathers from their different parts just to share this special time together. I can't wait... 

But thats not to say I'm not excited about pressies...and in my usual kiddie manner, here's the long-awaited Xmas wishlist

Camel Peeptoe Wedges
I have wanted these for the LONGEST and i think 'tis truly the season!! Also want lace-up fully-covered wedges too...camel ofcourse :)
Statement Ring
I want an expensive ring that I can cherish and wear everyday and know its symbollic of someone or a moment. I am in LOVE with F. Thats my style...
The only other time I will get to say this is on my engagement or wedding so a girl can only wish...
MAC "Pink Friday" Lipstick
I have never been a fan of dark coloured just doesn't suit me. Red makes me look like that inappropriately dressed over-middleaged Aunty at family shindigs that flirts with all the prepubescent boys? YER! NOT atm I am totally in love with frosted pink or nude lips and this tint is to die for 
 Butt Pads
As we were on the topic of Nicki Minaj...I guess I'm tired of being the black girl with no booty. And it doesn't help that I'm in a clique of big bootied I am succumbing to peer pressure and getting some faux-junk in the trunk!! I want a Kardash-ass or a Minaj-derrier!! 
Kardashian Konfidential
As we are on the topic of Kim K booty...I am OBSESSED with the Kardashians (Khloe most especially as I relate to her loud mouthed and obnoxious personality the most) and would LOVE to have a copy of their 1st book. I haven't aided to their ever growing wealth thus far as I don't even watch KUWTK on E! but online so ratings mulla is not from me. And I haven't bought Kim's perfume, QuikTrim or whatever blah Kris is tryna push her kids to endorse so....LOW ME this one!
 Jay Z's Decoded
More books...I have stalked this book ever since he mentioned it was in the works and cried when he left lil cookie crumb trails for fans stateside to grab early releases and chances to meet him....YUP! As you know, I'm a Jigga Wifey to the death! Remember the MACBOOK I'm scribing from is his spawn (Blanche Cartier)? I love him and need to read this poetic masterpiece...hardback ofcourse!
  Brazilian Hair - 12"
I HATE the brazilian/ Indian hair Nigerian wave but to be honest...when u pay near £40 everytime to buy hair and you change your hair and style as often as I do...something's gotta give. I have realised that long hair doesn't really suit me after reverting to it this summer so my next crop is what Norwegian Blogger ulrikkelund calls a "long bob"...12"... Hit up the Good Hair girls for my order *sniggers*
Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf
Paying homage to the Late great....and plus I have obsessed over this scarf for FAR too long and if I don't put my Chanel dream on here...I HAD to put this baby down :) 
Being the tech freak I am, I fell in love with these trying them out in the AppleStore on one of my numerous visits. Seriously, I NEED them in my joke
Lauren Conrad's entire book Hard Back
I dunno WHY I've waited this long to grab a copy but I want the ENTIRE trilogy including her new style book
Anyone that knows me, knows just how OBSESSED I am with LC. If you remember when I started my red 'Hamsa bracelet' rage? Well...twas cos of her. And as white as she is, and as black as I am, I still take photos of her to the salon as inspiration. Yes...obsession

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Dear Santa...I've been a good girl this year. You know what you gotta do Xisses