2010 - Curtain Call

**Soundtrack of the Minute - KUSH : Dr DRE ft Snoop Dogg & Akon**
 As you know from last year, I spend the evening of New Years' eve thanking God for the past year and praying over the new year with our annual vigil. Daddy makes his infamous peppersoup (he only ever ventures into the kitchen twice a year) and we all take that, with french bread and some wine....*sigh* I love my family, they truly are my strength, foundation and my backbone.
How I choose to spend the day, however, is up to me...this year I went to the much raved-about restaurant, 'Cosmo", with my 8Ballers for a fabulous buffet meal (ONLY £7) and long-overdue bants LOL....I miss those suckers already *sobs*
 My starters (Top left) was BEYOND tasty and the main meal (bottom left)...*belly rumbles from memory* was YUMMY! The dessert (Bottom right) was the only failing factor in the recipe for success...
I am SO grateful for great friends, they are my rock! I have no doubt we will all make our marks in this world. As **Jewelz acclaimed today, "we are all geniuses" so I have no doubt that as some of us graduate in 2011, there is a lot we have to offer, so....WATCH THIS SPACE
 This year (2010) has really made me appreciate basics like a great social network and family. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves! And although some of us have that confused and think a great network is a matter of number...I learnt that, as much as we dislike that random Uncle who gags at our friends all pervily or always begs for money from our parents and all you wanna do is cut them off, why then would you want a 'friend' that also fits that bill? A friend isn't a word I use loosely anymore. The friends I count on my list are no joke...these are the whores that will always have my back and I know I can always count on them....no two-facedness or tomfoolery. My **Hobos; **8Ballz; **Wammies...they know who they are. I love you guys!!
Me & **Hansonex doing the signature BLEURGH to a work of art made of custard cremes
My darling **8Baller **Jewelz got me the Lauren Conrad Style book from my BLEURGH WishList
2010 was the year I learnt the most about myself. I recently received the greatest compliment from a friend who said "I'm losing myself and I thought of all the people I know that have always stayed true to themselves no matter what people thought...and I thought of you"! That means the world to me as I've always been self-conscious about people not accepting my quirkiness, bluntness or as many have called me...just straight "weird". But the people in my life, who know me...truly...know that "you either love me or leave me alone" (Jay Z - Already Home)
Jumper : Manchester Boutique | Long Tank : H&M | Leggings : Primark | Socks : H&M | Boots : Barratts
Me, **Lolli from LolliHearts (Click on the link and check out her blog) & **Hansonex
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! 2010 was a great year of growth, strength and discovery....I wish all my followers and readers an even greater 2011...You guys deserve nothing but happiness, joy and love. Dream big with me BLEURGHers...no resolutions necessary. Xisses