Child's Play...

**Soundtrack of the Minute : Let the sun shine - Labrinth**
So this summer I became OBSESSED with 'How I Met Your Mother'!! I'd been told one too many times to start watching it and after my brother gave me the boxset (a legitimate way of saying he transferred the downloaded files to Blanche-my MacBook)...I became hooked.
But watching S04 E19 (what? Thats how its labelled LOL) made me ponder...I'm turning 21, in my final year of studying Law at Uni, and after making excuses the first few weeks...are there things that I'll say:

"I'm too old for this ****"?

Wish List:
I'm turning 21 and becoming a legal adult in every country in the world...
Is it to old to write up a list of presents I want to receive this year? I think not! Take note friends & family :)

Top Left : Quilted Hunter Boots (BOUGHT)
Top Right : Matador Swarovski Ring
Bottom Left : Laureen Swarovski Ring (BOUGHT)
Bottom Right : The key to success...what? Don't judge me!

Top Left : Michael Kors Hamilton Tote
Top Right : Jaeger Large Nylon Quilted Tote
Bottom Left : Love Moschino Home Medium Handbag
Bottom Right : Apple Care Plan - need to get the 3 year warranty before the 1year is up in Jan!! (BOUGHT)

Play Dress Up:
I am a BIG fan of playing dress-up! Whether its rading my sister/ mother (or sometimes, brother's) wardrobe for fab finds or just gearing up for Halloween (even though I'm not pagan but a devout Christian)...I love wearing something completely out of character
Went to my ex-flatmate's Medic's Pubcrawl in one of my Dr. Brother's scrubs...added my own twist to it

I'm dressed as a sailor & YaYa as a playboy bunny ;)
Going Loco:
I am one of THE vainest humans to walk this earth...yes its a sin and I'm working on it but can I really be 25, on a long train ride to an unknown destination for a court hearing and indulging in some PhotoBooth lovin'?
I dunno...

YeYe says...BLEURGH! You don't need to lose the girl in the bid to become a woman...Xisses

This is the last **BLEURGH** as a duo...the site will be undergoing a makeover in time for my birthday and it'll be me...solo. I'm excited as I have new ideas...will miss YaYa though :(