Runaway from the Runway

**Soundtrack of the Minute : What's My Name - Rihanna ft Drake**
I am one of those Kanye fans who love to hate him. But I have to say, as one of the leading men of the Rosewood movement, my hate is slowly turning to sheer admiration for the dude. He epitomises the ‘real man’ of the 21st Century!
Don’t get me wrong, I will always and forever be a JayZ wifey to the death….but Kanye brings his game on another level. The tailored suits, or the forever shaped-up mane (yes…I am OBSESSED with a clean shape-up…anyone who knows me can testify), the way his surgically constructed jaw hangs when he’s caused an unintended raucus or my fave of them all, the energy and passion in his eyes when he’s talking about something he loves…

So needless to say, I was one of many who added @kanyewest in the first few mins of him having a Twitter account, and one of many who weren’t able to view his “Runaway” video on MTV/ BET on Saturday evening (cos I was watching XFactor but mostly cos I don’t actually have Sky **sobs**) and caught it as soon as he posted it on his website,
I am in LOVE with colour and this video oozes it. To say I was lost at the start was an understatement, but at the middle with the theatrical ballet and the subliminal messages like the Michael Jackson parade or the all white servants to an all-black dining party, I too had to raise a glass and toast the Master of the Douches! He is an absolute genius!! The end is beautiful with the message of a need for individuality in a society saturated with copies and mini-me’s (as much as I love Willow Smith, she kinda freaks me out as a mini-me of Rihanna) and the freedom of the abnormal in order for us to pursue our own journey…I dunno if its just me being weird and connoting far more than Kanye intended (blame it on far too many years of anthology annotations in English Literature lol) but I love the theme of love lost and the journey to self-discovery

Head Candy : Vintage (Selsdon) | Neck Candy: Accesorize | Cardigan : TK Maxx | Tank : H&M
Skirt : Primark | Brogues : Deichmann

Cardigan : Peacocks | See-Through Tank : H&M | Compilation of Neck Candy
Skirt : H&M | Brogues : Deichmann

Short-Sleeve Cardigan : Allders | Cardigan : H&M | Tank : H&M
Neck Candy : Oasis | Skirt : H&M | Arm Candy : ZARA | Boots : Allders

Head Candy : **Wammie-Lex's | Cardigan : Primark (Mens' Wear) Waterfall Tank : Blue Inc | Shorts : H&M | Brogues : Deichmann

Denim Shirt : Topshop (bought at Greys Market) | Vest : Tommy Hilfiger
Skirt : H&M | Boots : Allders | Neck Candy : Claires (detached pendant)

Head Candy : Vintage (Selsdon) | Cardigan : Primark (Mens' Wear)
Shirt : H&M (Mens' Wear) | Top : Primark | Skirt : H&M | Boots : Allders

Cardigan : Vintage (Wales) | Tank : H&M | Skirt : H&M | Brogues : Dorothy Perkins

Head Candy : Miss Selfridge | Baggy Top : H&M | Ripped Leggings (DIY) : Primark
Boots : Gift from **Wammie-Lex

Neck Candy : Wallis | Cardigan : Primark (Mens' Wear) | Dress : H&M
Boots : Barratts (rolled over to make it ankle length)

YeYe says...BLEURGH! On this journey of self discovery, don't be afraid to runaway from spotlight of the runway...Xisses

Just finalised my 21st Birthday plans...9th November btw. Going away to Milan, Italy...can't wait to breathe in fashion and modern Italy :)
Next Post will most probably be my Wish List...can't wait...EEK!

An apartment tour is LONG overdue but I'm trying to find time to either edit the private video I shot or tidy up the flat for a brand new tour...COMING SOON xx