Unlucky Strike...Gamu OVER!

**Soundtrack of the Minute: Drake - Fall For Your Type**

Ok...so I know its a tad overdue and well, her drama is totally last season but anyone who's a Twitter freak like me went NUTS at the rejection of Gamu from XFactor! It was such an outrage that Cheryl Cole received death threats, malaria curses and several incantations from my personal Dibia/ Babalawo LOL
But seriously...the Gamu Saga as it has now come to be referred to, is only one in a long line of racially charged claims in showbiz of late....

I am a total fan of 'Vanity Fair' magazine...its no Vogue, but every year they do a Hollywood issue which I am obsessed with trailing and spotting who I know etc. This obsession started with their Young Hollywood issue featuring Raven Symone, the Olsen twins, and triggered my obsession with all things glitz and glam...

This pretty much had everyone I was obsessed with in my teens and cemented my Disney addiction...from then on, I was a crazed follower
Amanda Bynes; Olsen Twins; Mandy Moore; Hilary Duff; *Chic from Gillmore Girls; ??; Raven Symone; Lindsay Lohan

But I didn't just bring this up to reminisce and flick back to days of old...its just that the newest issue had so much drama attached to it, I felt it was wrong not to delve in LOL

SO....This is the "all white" cast of 2010. The future of showbiz is white? I dunno why there always has to be a race issue...I mean, I'd rather there were none than a token.












Sorry couldn't find 2006's... :(


The much talked about 2010 issue

Looking back at them now...I guess they truly reflect Hollywood's leading men and women at that time. I mean, where were the Late 90's without Julia Roberts and Leonardo DiCaprio? Or the early Noughties without teen flicks like Cruel Intentions' Reese Witherspoon or American Pie's Chris Klein? And the minorities...the sultry latinas like Selma Hayek and Penelope Cruz (who truly didn't shoot on my radar until she started dating Tom Cruise btw)....I mean an action movie in the late 90's without Will Smith as the hot comic mess-up wouldn't have been the same.

But I feel like we ALWAYS play the race card! What black chic or dude is REALLY making a difference enough to be on the cover? The chubby wubzie with a soulful voice from Glee or perhaps the punk hair'd confused jock wannabee playing Dixon in 90210? I mean...perhaps Keke Palmer, but after 'graduating' but still struggling to read a teleprompter at the VMA's....I have doubts for that one. I think before we start making a big hoo-ha about inequality and racism still being rife in present society, we should take a chill pill and take a GOOD look at everything. (I mean...just throwing it in here but the Gamu-Gate rejection only occured cos she was illegally here...DEPORTATION justifies Xfactor...soz)

YeYe says...BLEURGH!! Quit playing the race card...GAMU OVER! Xisses

Happy 21st Birthday to 2 of my **8Ballerz Lolli from Lolli Hearts and the original YaaYaa in my life. LOVE YOU GUYS!!