Diary of a Shoppaholic

** Soundtrack of the Minute - JoJo : Can't Take That Away (Mixtape) **
I sadly missed London Fashion Week as my schedule took a turn from hectic to manic as I quit my summer job and life in London and packed my bags for my final year in University of Manchester! Trying to sort out final arrangements on our new shared apartment...GORGEOUS...while living life as a hobo is NOT fun, I can tell you. So i turned to the shops for solace and also, inspiration for autumn as I missed the LFW shows...ok, who am I kidding?
So here I was a few days ago, more than a respectable amount of shopping bags in tow heaving with some proud purchases as I burst into YaYa's room, beaming...
"Wanna see what I bought?" I exclaimed
Sadly, I didn't quite get the ecstatic reaction I had longed for. Instead I was welcomed with disappointment and slight disgust at yet another unnecessary shopping expedition.

So here goes...Hi, my name is YeYe and I'm a shoppaholic
Apparently in the AA (or in my case, S.A.) programme, there are 12 steps until one can fully recover from their...erm...addiction? But as I looked past acceptance to a stage where I will have to withdraw from shopping for perhaps...I don't even know HOW long, I almost burst into tears (not literally ofcourse *blushes*)
I'm so ashamed that within a week, I can't even take a picture of my proud buys as they wont all fit into one frame (Oooh! my new 14 megapixel camera is actually also part of my new purchases)...but I will try and include a pic in there sometime :)

I updated my friend **Abbiboo on my purchases & she said "well, you need to keep buying stuff to take cute pictures on your Bleurgh" so after claiming it was to make up for missing LFW or to cure the depression of being homeless for the 1st few days of my move or to mark my transition from working woman to studious student, I think her excuse is the best thus far *sigh*

Cardigan : H&M | Dress (worn as a top) : Republic | Skirt : Primark
Pumps : Urban Outfitters

Outfit 1 - Top : ZARA | Skirt : Primark
Outfit 2 - Top : Primark | Skirt : Warehouse
Outfit 3 - Blazer : H&M | Neckcandy : NewLook | Tanktop : H&M | Belt : Primark | Harems : Allders

Denim Shirt : GAP | Tanktop : *Daddy's* | Belt : Primark | Harems : Allders | Pumps : Urban Outfitters
Upgraded photography from my MacBook's Photobooth to my new Fujifilm 14MP camera :)

Blazer : H&M | Neckcandy : NewLook | Top : Primark
Trousers : Croydon Market | Pumps : Charlotte Russe | Bag : ZARA

Blazer : *YaYa's | Top : Attic | Leggings : Primark | Lace Pumps : Primark

Jacket : ZARA | Checkered Shirt : River Island | Tank top : H&M
Leggings : Allders | Brogues : Deichmann

Hairband : H&M | Top : Primark | Skirt : Primark
Wool tights : Warehouse | Brogues : Dorothy Perkins

YeYe says...BLEURGH!! In the famous words of Oscar Wilde - "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months" Xisses
(Happy 50th Nigeria...independence and freedom never tasted so sweet xxxx)