A New Spring in My Step

(well the pictures I could take in-between popping in and out of Stopford Building, John Ryland Library and George Begg for revision....yikes! Just like everything else, I like to try it all until I find something that works for me)

Blazer: Miss Selfridge
Camisole: New Look
Waist belt: Primark (don't usuually condone it but the skirt was ill-fitted)
Skirt: Nigerian Traditional (sewn by my Aunty Joy)
Lycra Tights: H&M
Pumps: Welsh Store

I really DO pity people born in January and Spring, like May. Simply because, as a student, those are FUNDAMENTAL revision periods!! Inivitations to shindigs within that period, nearly enough, never need an excuse for absence.
However, in this case, i made an exception...
Quite frankly, I was tired of claiming my textbooks were my bestfriends. So I ventured out into the abyss and went for a meal to celebrate my friend **Any's birthday and walk into womanhood **sniggers**
Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Neck Candy: Gift from Sister's Boyfriend
Top: (stolen from my sister...whoops)
Skirt: Primark
Leggings: New Look
Pumps: Welsh Store

Another day....another dollar
Waistcoat: Republic
Turtleneck: Primark
Scarf: (borrowed and never returned from my Wammie *Lex)
Skirt: Primark
Tights: Debenhams
Knee High Boots: USC

Well Well Well...
I've said this via Facebook, Twitter, bbm and well...I feel like another medium is needed in order to transmit this message effectively.


Oh yes...and hunnies, if you haven't guessed? I'm feeling rather corporate right now, without a care in the world, bleurghing from mty hunny 'Blanche-Cartier' (my sexiful Macbook). Why, her name is odd, you may ask? Well, she was actually named 'Blanche' by her godmothers (my flatmates) and I added 'Cartier' from her father "Sean Carter" aka Jay-Z. Burt due to legal reasons (and the jealous but undeniably enviably wife, Beyonce), I was forced to compromise the love child's name and code it....ahh well, no complaints? (Dont judge me)

Anyway, as I was saying....

Now that EXAMS ARE OVER (and I'm rather jobless), I feel like my life can start again. It has been on an involuntary halt since the beginning of the year because of revision, etc and now I can't wait to indulge in the finer things in life...'wine' all round (both alcohol and black movements *winks*).
And more than ever, I am inspired! The runway for Spring/Summer is looking rather promising. I can't wait to shed the leather, studs, chains (wow! I sound like I'm stuck in the age of Mods vs Rockers lol) and embrace floaty skirts and floral dresses....COLOUR COLOUR COLOUR! *bliss

I have been receiving bad news, after bad news....but there's something in the air that i can't quite shake. I feel unbreakable, indispensible, invicible....2010 is me! And I REFUSE to let ANYTHING, whether it be ill health, death, loneliness, or whatever else is tossed my way, stop me.

YeYe says.... BLEURGH! Carpe Diem Hunnies! Seize the day, 'cos if you don't....you never know just when the carpet may be seized from beneath you feet. And then what ground will you be left to stand on?

A few songs that were on REPEAT through my revision period that I thought to share (enjoy!)

Trey Songz - Say Ahh
Kelly Rowland - Still in love with my ex
Omarion - Speedin'
Young Money - Bed Rock
Brandy - Torn Down
NeYo - Part of the list
Beyonce - Roc & Postcard
Keri Hilson - Where Did He Go
Ingrid Michaelson - Breakable
Rihanna - Cold Case Love & Firebomb
Goo Goo Dolls - Iris