The Rise of Africa...

Hola hunnies!! I'm beyond bored and well, I have a free day tomorrow :)
So I just thought to share some thoughts (bleurghs) with you before I hit the sack to catch some kip.
Ok? has been interesting as of late. I've been dealt a few false cards and all I've had to do was pull a bluff and blag my way through the game of life. And sure as hell, this crap just isn't easy :(
I was called out by my friend recently, for not following the advice i state on my blog...but HEY! Easier said than done right? It's hard to just brush something important off and move on....but I'm trying. It's even harder to let go of certain things that you've part-built a persona on...but hey! Nothing's impossible.
See...the way I see it. Life can be looked at optimistically or pessimistically...(depending on my mood)

OPTIMISTICALLY? Life is full of ups and downs but we eventually make it through, carving our way in the world. I see  myself having a great career as a Barrister (God willing) with a family and a happy married life (*yawns*) with a prospect of artistic projects on the side that will
1) reflect my obsessions of that decade lol
2) make my mark on this world lol

PESSIMISTICALLY? Life is a dead end, ending in just that...DEATH!  No matter how many lives we shape by mere acquaintance, or how many decisions we change by mere utterance of opinion...inevitably, we all die. Its sad and an icky topic to discuss, but its the truth. 

All I hope is to continue to live and work int he light that when I DO die or whatever...I will be remembered in a good way, not as a bitch or a  backstabber, or some careless psycho. 


As a dear and innovative soul of fashion passed away, I thought it only right to pay homage to Alexander McQueen when i stumbled on a far more uplifting sight...ANKARA
Now, I've not always adored or appreciated Ankara in the way I am about to. Infact, as a kid, I HATED it! My mother would try and force me to wear it to events and the thought of embarassment infront of fickle-minded teenagers turned me right to my Western ways of trousers (as the tomboy I was would NOT let me wear skirts or goodtimes)
But here we are, a good decade on...and the likes of Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Fergie, etc are all wearing it. Gorgeous!
I also stumbled upon Boxing Kitten. Check it out...

every Naij movie known to man (no exaggeration lol)...

So I was more than happy when facebook browsing my friend's pages 
(Don't judge me, I was NOT stalking you lol) and saw this dude!
 I'm just happy cos the script goes wider than
 an "Americana" back home/ Juju/ Prostitution in Nigerian 
Universities....atleast this movie is worth a script and perhaps, 
even the video camera that recorded it
 (which is more than I can say for more than 50% of Naija homevideos lol)...

YeYe says...BLEURGH! Let's make our mark on the world by shaping our future...think optimistically :)