The Battle of the egos...

Welcome to the works of an amazing puppeteer...

I'm currently obsessed with Derek Blank's work. His Alter Ego collection of Black Hollywood had me trawling through my mother (Google) last night. Its AMAZING work! I'm currently reminded and informed about the works of my alter ego (who goes by the name of **Onyx**), she's a Lady Nocturnal, naughty lil minx sorta thing. I on the other hand? I'm just sorta laid back and sarcastic.

Ok Brian Michael're a songwriter (well, durh!) and a! *yawn*

Vivica's Angel Vs Demon impression is POOR but the angel is HELLA pretty :)
It irks me that she had implants but hey! Everyone does it these days ey?
I guess this shot truly captures my whole Onyx Vs YeYe thingy but to me...I'm just an all rounded angel lol

"No one can truly love you until you love yourself" proverb pops into mind when I look at this shot. Its captivating to see someone embrace themselves like this. We are wrapped in a world ruled by our exterior...looks....perfection! Its so engaging to see someone stripped of all their inhibitions and exhibit themselves like this....flaws and all. WOW! I'm not sure if I'm there yet...but someday, I hope to be :)

Chrisette Michelle's portrayal of the Stan and the Fame Monster is...a working progress. She fails to let herself truly BASK in the limelight of fame, thus defeating the purpose of the shot. This is truly reflective of me....i HATE the limelight! Even at my surprise party, I'd have rather crawled into a shell and hidden and let someone else takeover....*blushes* likey! Well, I like the limpness of the fragile victim more than the dominator, but likey! I feel like no matter how much, last year, I tried to portray this strong individual...underneath was a weak, lifeless soul waiting to burst into tears. NO, that doesn't express weakness but strength, for "whatever doesn't break you, enables you to grow stronger".

Eva the Diva...we all get our 15 minutes of fame. 'Cos hunny, is this what you were crowned ANTM for? USELESS! She fails to 'connect with the camera' OR 'smile with her eyes' lol...I'm dying out here! But really? Is the nudity truly necessary? 
NEXT!! This HAS to be one of my favourite shots because its SO raw and emotionally connecting. The bottom 'victim' is crying out to the world for help and the upper oppressor is so intense and possessive. Its! I love it! 

Melyssa! Shocker...NOT! She's half-naked so no surprise there. I don't really get the vibe of an alterego cos the right personality fails to convey fragile and innocent, which I'm sure is the look she was going for. Guess you're a hoe for life hunny :)

Never take yourselves too seriously hunnies...we all know the fact that it takes less muscles to frown than to smile so give yourselves a good reason to chuckle everyday! :) This close up is SO invasive, yet so endearing. Gorgeous!

LOL! I can't help but take Monica as a joke, I'm sorry to all her fans out there (including you, YaYa)...but this shot just looks like a still of her BET Reality Show's intro....YUCK! NEXT!

This shot is SO Mo'Nique and I LOVE it! It reflects a woman's insecurities and also the pressure created by a matriarchal society to put your guard up as a woman to be taken seriously. I guess thats what Nicky Minaj is tryna promote with that whole "Black Barbie" movement....pretty girls can be successful too!

Teairra Mari (This was actually a pre-destined tribute 'cos this shoot took place BEFORE MJ's death. I don't actually like this theme very much 'cos it doesn't really reflect her music or her style very much tbh. Work harder hunny...focus more on you and less on hating other artists like RiRi...sorry, I went there lol
(P.S. Is it just me or does she look oddly like a younger Tatyana Ali?)

Kelly Rowland ( I LOVE this shot...showing the dual characteristics of a woman. She can be strong, but also very vulnerable. And we should not feel wrong to be either of those sides, but welcome emotions and independence with open arms)

YeYe says....BLEURGH! Embrace ALL sides of you...alter egos, Sasha Fierce's, stage names and alcohol driven actions and all LOL. Xisses from YeYe AND Onyx *winks from the minx*