loVe Day!

Happy Valentines Day Bleurghers!!!
Or in the words of a good friend, Happy Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D)
Yup! Cos we can kid ourselves all 364 days of the year, stating our satisfaction and contentment in being single. We can go on endless GNO's (Translation: Girls' Night Out) and claim we are just dressing up and looking pretty for ourselves. But in the lead-up days, BEFORE Valentine's Day...when all a faithful consumer like myself wishes to do is hit the shops and indulge in some much needed retail therapy, one can't help but feel down at the sight of all the pink and red balloons aimlessly floating. Or the bright red streamers linking stores together...or perhaps the sight of huge cards and teddy bears being held by retarded teenagers who don't know the pain of heartbreak and are oblivious to the real world


I mean, don't get me wrong! I'm not a cynic or like an Anti-Valentine dude...I guess, quite simply, I'm just a bitter black woman who's single of this ever loving day LMAO! Don't feel bad or sad for me...its just one day right? I mean, come tomorrow, I will be back on my rant and rave on the pleasantness of singledom,

Anyways...went to see Valentine's Day with YaYa and the girlies on the day of release (12.02.2010) at the 11:45 viewing, after indulging in a meal I truly wish I didn't lol....
Twas quite good and I definitely recommend it...the plot twists and underlying message was worth paying. The humour was ON POINT!! I have to say, I was that awkward kid laughing out loud in a rather silent cinema...yup! QUITE embarassing *blushes* The star-studded cast also had me finger-pointing the entire way through the movie...ALSO quite embarrassing *blushes*. YaYa shamefully
slept...shame on her!
Bleurgh's MUST SEE!
YeYe says...BLEURGH! Leave this day for the loving. We have every other day to be single...Xisses