Before I get to the Bleurghing part and the theme of this entry...I thought it only polite to say...

And ofcourse do the regularities such as my past outfit posts...

This was on one of our many Girls' Nights Out (this particular, was an ACS event) towards the end of the semester, and just like every other random night, twasn't great...AT ALL!
Me: Blazer = Miss Selfridge
Dress = Primark
Heels = Miss Selfridge
YaYa: Blazer = Primark
Dress = Vintage
Heels = Primark
Glass of Alcohol in hand....PRICELESS (lol)

Rolling with the theme of this bleurgh entry, this outfit was switched up twice in one day, just like anyday I have a break in between an outing.
Beret = Primark
Snood = H&M
Jumper = MK One
Leggings = ZARA
Scarf = TK Maxx
Cardigan = Republic
Boots = Blink (Barratts)

For Winter, I am REALLY drawn to key statement pieces such as a snuggly snood or a pair of quality leather gloves or my favourite...a standout SCARF!
Long sleeve top = Primark
Dress = Republic
Scarf = gift from Rome, Italy (from my doll, **IzzI)
Tights = Primark
Boots = USC

Somedays, all a fashionista can do is just throw on an outfit and roll out!!
Wooly headband (a la Whitney Port) = H&M
Top = NEXT
Dress = Attic
Leggings = H&M
Boots = Primark

I have a whole file full of fashion inspired outfits for each day, and my latest obsession is Kim Kardashian. One thing I've been upset about though is that the Kardashians wear nothing but BLACK!! Their stylist Monica Rose is one track minded and this one day, I had to break free of that mould and bring some colour back in my life!!!
Tanktop = Primark
Dress = Republic
Cardigan = H&M
Tights = Primark
Shoes = Welsh store

Christmas Day
SOOO much fun!!! As mentioned below...
Dress = ZARA
Tights = Marks & Spencers

Boxing Day
Me, my brother and my sister went to her bf's flat for a mini-shindig. Twas quite fun with some interesting drinking games and some older than appreciated admirers.
Cardigan = Primark (Mens' Wear)
Dress = New Look
Leggings = H&M
Ankle Boots = George (My sister's)

Cardigan = Vero Moda
Dress (worn as top) = Attic
Skirt = Vero Moda
Tights = (Purple) Mk One (Black) Bhs

And now, for the feature presentation lol...

As much as I'd love to sit here and brag about the good family times I've had over Christmas, winning multiple games of Wii (UNDEFEATED!! Yeah thats right...I'm a champ, give credit), hilarious banter over old Nigerian Nollywood movies and getting STUFFED like a turkey with rice, turkey, dodo (TRANSLATION: Plantain in Yoruba), minced beef & Prawn sauce....I have to say that there's always someone thats never truly satisfied with your happiness and peace and is looking for an opportunity to get you down. At the moment, I'm recovering from an aftermath of an unprepared confrontation that I'd rather not relive...but I come as the bearer of great news! Their plans will surely fail and will NEVER be permanent. Go into the new year, free of such enemies of progress (LOL I sound like a Nigerian Pastor).

The recurring theme of 2009, thanks to President Barack Obama's successful campaign was...CHANGE! And this is a better time than any to look back on the rights and wrongs of the past year and amend them so we carry nothing detrimental to the coming year. Now, this is done differently for every individual. In my household, we make a big hoo-ha of it and hold our annual midnight vigil, praying and praising together, bringing in the New Year as a family. Others booze up and get 'merry' with their friends and coworkers and share a midnight kiss with that ONE they hope to bring to their next year. But no one method is favourable above the other, to each their own right? (Or a saying along those lines lol)

Now, I have not had the best year thus far. Infact, I've deemed 2009 the worst year of my life with so many arguments, backstabbings, breakups, and lifestyle changes to last me an eternity, I think I'm about ready for a new year already! I haven't had the easiest of lives either, but nor has any of us tbh (TRANSLATION: To Be Honest) but what keeps me going, as hard as that may be, without breaking down and giving up, is knowing that at the end of the the end of this battle...I have a purpose. I am unsure as to what that is yet, but to HELL if all this was for nothing!! There BETTER be a damned good purpose for all this crap that has been tossed my way, for SURE! Lol....

But something that struck me today amidst an enraged conversation with an 'agent' (inspired by the Matrix this context, meaning anyone with an arm and a leg out ready to trip you up) is what may be perceived as change to others does not necessarily have to apply to you. I have gone my entire life with this particular agent poking and prodding, claiming I need to change this attribute or that characteristic to be deemed worthy of their acceptance. As I've reached the wise age of 20 **sniggers**, I have concluded that enough is enough!! I'm going to walk into the coming year with a new "ME" resolution list that I need not show to you for approval, and I'm going to better myself as only I see necessary.

YeYe says....BLEURGH! Change YOU in only the areas that YOU see need changing. Block out the pessimistic words of 'agents' and live only for yourself and not others. Happy New Year guys Xisses

(P.S. my sis really wants a mention and cos I love this chica so's her input...
**Cidz: "Change is the most constant thing in life. Don't say I love you if you don't mean it...BLEURGH!")
Wise words from a very wise lady....or just random bleurghness?