Pinch, Punch...

Hey hunny-bunnies!! Pinch, punch, 1st day of the month and NO returns lol. Wait a min, I swear its badluck to actually do that past noon...WHOOPS!!
So...Bank Holiday Monday was carnival day to some, but to me and YaYa...twas just like every other day. NO wild antics, NO streetwalking getting groped by strangers, just a weekday that can be excused for a weekend and spent away from the tiring workplace. (lol funny as we both work for our parents & our work to the untrained eye may just look like slacking...hmm). Babysat for a lovely couple and their even lovelier kids...they went to the D'Banj concert, while I stayed at home and watched the kids...someone agree that role-reversal was weird?...shame on my LIFE that they have a better social life than me! I blame my parents lol

CARDIGAN = Urban Behaviour (USA Store)
TOP = Primark
SKIRT = Uniqlo

<--- I'm sure y'all would agree that this outfit is NOT very inspiring. Its simple and just...bleurgh!! Why you ask? Well, its cos I'm kinda in a seasonal rot. Caught between Summer & Autumn...and well, I'm kinda just READY for a change so bloody hell....excuse me! looool

Today? Well, let me fill you in on the events prior to this day...Sunday, my father went out, as he usually did, to get the morning paper...ONLY, on his way back he saw that someone had SMASHED our car's rear windscreen!!! BLEURGH!!! Like HOW annoying is that? Obvo this was included in my job so I went from website to website looking for the cheapest quote (Autoglass SUCK!!). So today I ran up and down getting money, checking and re-checking the mechanic, etc etc. As a result, I had to wear an outfit that wasn't too stiff and allowed room for all this activity, to the disapproval of **BF and the horn-honking of several drivers...EWW!

CARDIGAN = Primark
VEST = Tommy Hilfiger
SHORTS = Macy's
SANDALS = Barratts

P.S....**BF IMITATED me today...not very flatteringly either so I've decided that as revenge is best served cold (Kill Bill baybay!!)...I'd put him on BLAST via Bleurgh!! Why the imitation you ask?...Well, he wore his shorts back to front (Kris-Kross will NEVER make a comeback hun) and while I revelled in what I thought to be utter genius he said "Bleurgh...why not take risks?" (a clear mockery of my previous post), did someone ELSE just scream "heffer!" cos I'd defo say AMEN to that.

YeYe says...BLEURGH!!...New month, New Beginnings