Touching Love & Letting Go...

1. Cardigan = Topshop
Vest = Daddy's (Tommy Hilfiger)
Belt = Detached from dress (Macy's)
Leggings = ZARA
2a.Cardigan = Primark (Men's Dept.)
*Layering under the blazer

2b.Blazer = Sister's (??)
Boobtube dress = Topshop
Bag = Oasis
Leggings = New Look
3. Blazer = Sister's (H&M)
Top = Bershka
Leggings = Primark
4.Dress (tucked in) = ZARA
Skirt = Uniqlo

Well, that just shows how long I've been away...I know you've missed me (Well, I sure as hell hope so...*pleads*).
GOOD to have YaYa back, dontcha think?....makes a change from me huh? How can i tackle each day? By numbers ofcourse! In a MonaLisaSmile (MUST SEE!)-Paint by Numbers sorta way.

1. I went on a work fieldtrip to Brighton, which ended up being a shopping trip (expenses paid...the perks of working for my father lol) and twas sooo TIRING I had to nap on the train journey back. Sadly I had a neck cramp which couldn't be massaged out...mersuis needed!
Also watched Volver (Spanish movie starring Penelope Cruz) and I GOTTA recommend it...its funny, memorable and shockingly interesting considering I don't usually watch subtitled movies 'cos it makes me feel like I'm at school :(

2. Had a lunch date, Friday with a VERY interesting lassie (TRANSLATION: girl), **Wannie. She's new to the area so I accompanied her as a sorta tour guide. Trust me...easier said than done. You don't realise how much stuff you've just overlooked / failed to notice until you're put in this position.

3. Up, down, nap, wake...yup! You guessed it...ERRANDS!! My sis came down for the weekend and I use just about EVERY opp to cling to that heffer!! So I tailed her just about everywhere...our own lil'adventure...PHEW! We visited the tailor for an update on her dress & we almost cried at the sight...GORGE (TRANSLATION: Gorgeous!)

4. Sunday = CHURCHday...My sis left today *tears up*
The sermon today was a continuation of the "love" series but with a sole focus on it's "delight in truth". TRUTH guys...I dunno about you but I know I lie like a DOGG! Whether its a joke, white lie or tall tales...whaddev...a lie's a lie. Join me in my bid to cut that ish down? I'm gonna need support to eradicate it effectively tbh lol

YeYe says...BLEURGH! The things we love most, we try and cling on to...perhaps its healthier for IT and OURSELVES to let go....Xisses