The end of an era...

Hey guys, sooo most university students know that we are getting to the end of the summer break, and preparing to get back to the place that is "Univille"... all ahhh on three... 1,2,3.... "ahhhhhh". Its been a while...

Soo, clearly the parents have to use you for alllll they can until you leave... thus how busy I've been...


Dress : Ted Baker
Clutch : River Island
Jewelry : A collection of stores including Ms Selfridge, H&M and DKNY

Venue: Porchester Hotel, for what??.. Club 87 African Night... what is that, and what does it have to do with me.. you ask.. (Well you should, since I was had been asking myself the same question the whole week that I've been up and down running errands for the event..)... Well since daddy dearest is the "Presidoo!" as the members put it, of Club 87 as the first born daughter.... who can drive... CLEARLY I am the one to rigmaro (Translation: run up and down for no reason) about the place. Luckily, thanks to my efforts :D the evening was a success, and went off without too much of a hitch....

Top: Topshop
Jeans: River Island
Shrug: Coast
Heels: Barrats (They are there!!... biege, with a bow on the top... ca-utte.. trust!)

Sunday, woke up earlllyyy... despite going to bed late to take a trip to Reading for my Godsister's daughters christening. In one of my earlier blogs, I mentioned that she had given birth... well its been 5 weeks alllreadyyy I know... and time for her christening, time really flies... That was a lovely day, the baby is a beautiful lil munchkin, who lurrrveeesss to eat, and apparently big for a 5 week old... not suprising really, her mother could EAT when she was pregnant!!!! :D

The munckin... Isnt she just a looker... awwwww... (as you can see her mouth is shaped in an "0", as in... "Give me food... O")

Speaking of babies... our very own Ms Lauren London become babymama Carter #3 last week, delivering a baby boy (2 down one to go in 09 Wayne.... just... wow...) He doesnt have a name yet... but... ummm... congrats LL, I still shake my head at the thought of the father... but a baby is a baby... sooo... congrats!!

(Even preggers she's gorgee)

Annnddd... the latest in Kanye-gate at the VMA's, he apologised about his behavior on the Jay Leno show last night, and it did seem genuine... with no bow ties in sight ;)... Maybe its my naive lil heart, but watching the video, I couldnt help saying "Awww poor baby.." esp since he seemed very emotional discussing his mother:

Also, last night I heard the news of Patrick "Dirty Dancing" Swayze's death... :(... so sad, 2009 is proving to be some year *sigh*.... Rest in Peace Paddy....

Yaya says..... BLEURGHHH .... children will be children no matter the age.....