2nd Year = Happy New Year!!

EWWW! Please do not even mind Blogger and the UGLY freezeframe it decided to start our video on...sincerest apologies! Its sooo not even a horror flick lol.

Hola hunnies! It has been FAR too long and I can't wait to get back into the swing of bleurghing again. So...we have finally moved into our new flat & its FAB guys...you will adore it.

YeYe's (me) Room : In the words of my boo JayZ?..."All black everything"

I've always wanted an all-black room & my designer dream came true! There's candles and incence sticks everywhere for scent purposes and ofcourse...PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES!! Me? I'm vain oh....so here's living proof of it. My room's decor is derived from all walks of retail from Primark to IKEA to House of Fraser....mix and match people.
The silk sheets look BEAUTIFUL but are ABSOLUTELY the worst idea known to man!! I slip off and YaYa has even slipped ALL the way to the floor once almost bussin' her back! Poor lassie!!

YaYa's Room ...otherwise referred to as the "Love Shack"

Isn't it just gorgeous?!? I look for every reason to crash in that room, even if it IS just down the hall lol. The decor ranges from Next to Debenhams to....I dunno. I'm guessing she might fill you in a tad more later? But yer, we are finally here so work work work!! BLEURGH!

Just watched the new season of The Hills...NOT impressed!! Its turned from a show where you envied the characters because of their FAB lives to just watching straight up envy on your screen....NEXT! Afterwards, watched the new season of The City as well....a DEFO step-up from last season! But can MTV Exec's PLEASE get off their rich arses and TRY and make their reality shows a tad more fitting for that title? BLEURGH!

YeYe says....BLEURGH!! Welcoming new things but just developing the old...