Day by Day...

WOW! I've kinda been TOO busy for words guys and I do apologise. I mean, we are only newborns in Blogsville and already we have been taking unnecessary breaks. Tsk Tsk!
SO...Shocker! I'm STILL working! WAY past my sell by date Daddy. So I rewarded myself by going on a mini-treasure hunt & came across these Antique (TRANSLATION: Vintage) Gold watches. He literally had like FIVE, "from the 60's" he said. But I chose this one, I think it compliments my style the most.
What do u guys think? BARGAIN right?


T Shirt = Ecko
Shorts = H&M
Arm Candy = Daddy's watch (Citizen)
Flip flops = Accesorize (btw, dont u hate when someo
ne with a bigger footsize wears ur flipflops and stretches it?...BLEURGH! DEFO one of my pet sis even
named it "expansion phobia" lmfao)

My church hosts a monthly bike event where you can go and repair/even build your OWN bike and take it home FREE! I'd been promoting it and whatnot, so I decided to go see for my own self. Twasnt EXACTLY what I'd imagined lol, but twas still a VERY nice gesture to my community! Also took the chance to introduce my bf to my brother...lets just say there was a TON of tumbleweed rolling by. But hey! (geddit hay as in tumbleweed?...ahh shucks, nevermind lol) Perhaps a YeYe surprise wasn't what either of them bargained for so...fingers crossed, twill be much better next time lol.
Also went to see "GI Joe" with my brother in the evening. Wasn't bad at ALL...Marlon Wayans is HILARIOUS in it. Gotta luv'em.

I attended my sister's bestfriend's wedding. Twas EMOSH (TRANSLATION: Emotional) guys! I mean, I've never actually been to a wedding where I know the bride/groom 1st hand.
It's always like an aunty or something "twice removed" like that.
But this cereminy was BEAUTIFUL! When the bride walked it, the groom's face lit up and he had a perma-grin the entire night. Moving stuff...just makes you think about love. I mean, wow! She's waking up a Mrs....thats just SCARY and awesome
all at the same time!

Blazer = Sister's (St Michael's)
Necklace = Swarovski
Dress = Forever 21
Arm Candy = BollywoodDancing/
Claire's/Aldo/ Accesorize
Heels = Dorothy Perkins

But you know, an event is NEVER complete without true toilet-break-vanity-moments!! I went
for a quickie and returned with a ton of pics and a new
friend a
nd my bro was just like "I really do fear for what occurs in those YOUR toilets, guys just pee and are out. If a guy wants to have a convo? Well...*quivers*" Lets just say that sentence was never punctuated lool

Tunic = MK One
Leggings = New Look
Flipflops = Nigerian Market
Arm Candy = Various gifts

I skipped Monday as that was SUCH a bummy day lol. The wedding lasted until late hours of the night and BOI was it eventful! My brother got relatively wasted- in my opinion- but at the time he reassured his sobriety but it seems the next day, his memory had halted after a certain moment. Than God for technology as I managed to capture his shenanigans on my "Berry"...sorrieabourrit (TRANSLATION : sarcastic apology) Did someone just blame it on the A-A-Alcohol? LMFAO
So today I was all bogged down with paperwork from yesterday AND today....BLEURGH! But i DID manage to squeeze some downtime and made some Akara (Nigerian Bean cuisine...HEY! That rhymes!) with a good buddy of mine. Hmm...lets see what the rest of the week holds in store guys.

Until then...

YeYe says...BLEURGH!! Take each moment in your stride.