A Year on...

Today was a VERY special day for me as I celebrated a year of progress, growth and maturity in a private aspect of my life (HEY! Be patient...we only just became friends so it's a bit soon to be sharing like THAT lol) but I thought I'd share another Anniversary I was also celebrating today...
I made my 60th Video Blog/Diary!! WOOO!!! I have been talking to my YouCam (or to be more precise, myself lol) since 12th September '08 and today was my 60th entry....yay me!

ALL my Video Blogs...lol aint I just so vain...LOVE IT!!

Anyhoo...as the adults in my household were unaware of ANY of my personal celebrations and festivities, they felt NO need to give me preferential treatment today so I was titled "errand chic"! Go here, go there, do this...you catch my drift.

Cardigan = Matalan
Baggy Vest (worn back to front) = Daddy's
Belt = H&M
Leggings = Primark
Bag = H&M
Sunglasses = Oasis
Sandals = EA (Ethel Austin)

YeYe says...BLEURGH!! Look good whatever the occasion. Xisses