In relation to the heading....the former TRUMPS the latter by FAR! And the reason for this?....I MISS MY LIL (ok BIG...BIG!!! Don't beat me! lol) BUBBAs (TRANSLATION = un-corny means of saying "babies")!! My siblings came down for the weekend and when you're the last like I am, the house gets lonely with just the 'rents (TRANSLATION = Parents) and anytime they come round?...HEAVEN! We literally take over the house! The empty walls are filled with echoes of laughter and the creeky floorboards are feaful of our enthusiastic stampedes...ooh wee! COME BACK!!

Anyways, hope you haven't missed me TOO much. Had a fun-filled weekend! On Saturday, my sister went for her dressfitting at this Nigerian tailor (who im REALLY excited about, her sketches were the ISH and she literally whooped something up in 3mins and me and my sister's eyes went SO wide in amazement, i thought they were gonna pop! If you're Nigerian and have experienced the disappointment of several tailors not matching the sketch to the final copy? You will understand) and then on for a spot of shopping in the West End.

Got a BARGAIN pair of peg legs for £4!!! Woo!

Runner Up? = ZARA
Almost made me purchase my 1st pair of Harem pants until my backbone and pride returned...and hey! Already lost my integrity by purchasing "vintage" (which i previously deemed "antique" loool) pieces so Lawshh! If I EVER bought harem? I'd NEVER live that down.

Cardigan = H&M
Tank top = H&M
Dress (worn as a skirt) = Forever 21
Bag = Oasis
Sandals = ZARA
Arm Candy = Various gifts and freebies

YeYe says....BLEURGH! Your friends are the family you chose, but your family are the friends given by nature....appreciate them! Xisses