Get YaYa BACK!!

Okies, so here I am over the last few days...just kinda LIVING tbh (TRANSLATION: To Be Honest). Nothing MONUMENTAL has gone down, just sorta living the life of Summer (otherwise known as the good life). And as I feel like I've DOMINATED the BLEURGH pages...I expected YaYa to fill you guys in on her FAB life without me :(
Sadly...I thought wrong and have returned to my last post...*tears*
SO...what can a chica (TRANSLATION: Only the FABBEST of the female specimen EVER to walk this universe looool) do but enforce a PETITION!!

So BLEURGHERs everywhere (and i know although you dont leave comments, you're there or we wouldnt have so many hits lol)...sign your name at the bottom in the "bleurgh backs" bit to ENSURE YaYa makes a return!

Unto OTHER news...well, I watched the Jay's "Run This Town" video today and yer...twas a good video, I will give him that but like, compared to the sneakpeeks and the leaked photos, LET DOWN!!!

Other FOOLishnesses (TRANSLATION: just plain stupidity)...Simpsons is APPARENTLY showing for the 1st time in "Africa" (Lord, please tell these kids that Africa is not a United country). Erm, dudes...sorry to burst your bubble but that ish has been airing in Naij for TIME. Someone say Copyright scandal? loool

The Simpsons...gone Native? (lmfao I kill myself at times)

Tuesday: A Biggety-BIG fan of Gok's fashion fix, I concluded that the length on this dress wasnt very flattering so did a temporary DIY fix and just tucked the long Summerdress into the boobtube dress.

Dress = Primark
Boobtube Dress = H&M
Flipflops = Accesorize
Bag = River Island

Dress = Macy's
Cardigan = H&M
Arm candy = Various gifts, etc

YeYe says...BLEURGH!...enough of me, more of YOU. Xisses