Summer catch-ups and shopping ofcourse!! x

HEY GUYS!!! I was TRES excited today cos twas a Wammie (Women Against Men...only a joke though. We made it up in High School) Day out and well I haven't really seen my heffers (TRANSLTION:a term of endearment lol) all Summer due to holidays or just plain laziness, so a good catch-up was in order.
Denim Shirt = Mummie's
Yellow Dress = Bershka
Black Boobtube (worn as a skirt) = Bershka
Jelly Sandals = Vintage Store

I was also KILLER excited 'cos every year **Bee brings back an Evil Eye bracelet and this year I had made a special request due to my obsession with everything Lauren Conrad (All "The Hills" fans will relate)...and after purchasing friendship bracelets from Aldo which faded to a near-pink...I was determined to get the real deal. Isn't it CUTE??? *Gushes*
Above (right) : My new bracelet
Below (right) : My expanding collection...x
So anyways, when the Wammies get together, all stores get excited and even random people on the street make way for us 'cos our shopping means BUSINESS! looool
We found a couple of cute pieces...First **Crys and **Bee went for the ethnic and tribal pieces which I LOVED!!! And I found this really laid back top which i shall OBVO (TRANSLATION:Obviously) be wearing as a dress...and then the "mini-me" situation with the matching military jackets. Don't you just adore them?? *Gushes yet AGAIN! (Get a room!)*
1st & 2nd from left = ZARA
Right = Primark
Oooooh! A must-see from the new Zara Collection...its to DIE for! First **Bee fell in love then I was just so in awe that I almost cried...isnt it just beautiful?? I WANT!...hint hint...Birthday (9th November) I'm SO not even kidding! If you know me, make note...
Shoes = Zara
Finally, we ended our girly day out with a meal and a good ol' chinwag, just catching up on Summer romances and even doing a Lo (from The Hills) moment of "passing judgement" on a bf...gotta say, i DO love my girlies xx
YeYe says...BLEURGH! Dont lose your old friendships in replacement of new ones...they are your foundation xx