Mad Max

Went to watch Mad Max this weekend and it was everything I envisioned and more. Aside from my fave, Tom Hardy playing lead alongside Charlize Theron, it had all the action, undercover romance & minimal scripting I need in a 'leave-your-brain-at-home' action flick. But you all know me far too well to think even a gun-guzzler of a film like Mad Max could keep me from seeking deeper directorial connotations and subliminal moral messages, surely. So in true BLEURGH review fashion, here are a few themes I picked out & I think are well worth sharing with you all.
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INSANITY: I mean, this can't be a spoiler as its in the title itself; Mad Max. Max states in the opening scene that he "runs both from the living and the dead", yet in the same breath, questions "who was crazy? Me or everyone else?". I ask myself the same question (hold off calling the men in white coats please) as I observe modern culture. Society is racing so fast past the boundaries that the line between right and wrong is so blurred, I can't fathom its existence. Insanity or madness requires one to act so far from the norm that actions are deemed irrational, but as the plot thickens, viewers come to realise Max's actions are merely in defence against what's thrust at him. "If you can't fix what's broken, you'll go insane". Max may be nuts but he is right. When push comes to shove, we are all "reduced to one instinct; SURVIVE".
POWER: As one wife chimes "we are not things!" post-fleeing from captivity where livelihood is dictated by an obese megalomaniac, I force myself to remain seated and not join in mid-chant. The world's obsession with power has been on blast lately, from bribery & corruption to siphoned refunds to the preoccupation with oil in foreign soil, the ineptness of  leaders is blindingly evident when the allure of the coin is involved. All at the expense of the marginalised whose livelihoods, rights & whatever else is infringed without much regard on a daily basis. The hunger and thirst of the masses worldwide was perfectly depicted in Mad Max! The diseased population thrusting forward to taste just a drop of water from the momentary waterfall controlled by the King was heartbreaking as he proclaimed "I am your redeemer! It is by my hand you will rise from the ashes of this world". We need a solution; A revolution.
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HOPE: "praying [to] anyone who's listening" The Dag. Enroute to  "redemption", you can't help but feel like you're banging at a vacant door. Feeling lost, confused, angry? That's all natural. Sometimes it's natural to even give up - "Hope is a mistake" Max - Just don't stay there. Don't dwell in the confusion, get up and try again. At times, that rehashed plan may even mean revisiting one of old, but following it through with conviction. You're better equipped to deal with the obstacles, hurdles, distractions & naysayers. You've been down this route before, so use that to your advantage and strike again...this time, HOT! 
"I live. I die. I live again" Nux - Mad Max