R&R in Turkey

My avid followers would've spotted a break in the regular schedule; there was no BLEURGH post last wednesday. That's because I turned 25 and was gifted a week long holiday to Turkey! I love travelling and sharing new experiences with the ones I love (and also you guys), so I was thrilled to pack my bags and jet off to the European border/Asia, for some much needed R&R; rest and recuperation. 
Top : BANK | Skirt : H&M
In the week I was away, I was mildly unplugged. That means I hardly checked my social networks; only communicated with my nearest and dearest; and abstained from sifting through hundreds of emails trawling in daily. When I did, I found modern Western life to be consumed with image, frivolities and this 'jumping on the bandwagon' lifestyle. I can illustrate this using the 3 most talked about topics:
1) Kim's 'Break the Internet' PAPER cover - why are we shocked or even willing to discuss this cover as controversial when this woman's fame is founded on a sex tape? NEXT!
2) Solange's White Wedding - Yes, it was a beautiful and effortlessly elegant wedding, but I was so confused waking up to an entire timeline littered with the same image. Geez people! Plant the seed of originality and grow a brain! Must we all post the same thing? NEXT!
3) BandAid 30 - From condescending lyrics to a near white-wash lineup of British talent, I'm not quite sure where to even start with this topic. "Do they know its Christmas?"...I mean, do the artists involved in the project even have a clear cut understanding of the message of Christmas? Because, regardless of what the consumer-product-obsessed-West would have you believe, its not all about Santa, presents and candy canes *sigh* 
Aspendos Bridge, Turkey
Just the thought of sinking back into this culture of comparison and consumerism is unacceptable, so I was thrilled to have gone away and come back with a polished mindset, ready to tackle the future. I'm African, and the concept of R&R is lost on my people. Their idea of R&R is visiting their hometown/village during festive seasons, and I can't knock that because I used to tag along for the ride as a kid and loved the freedom of villa-life. However, having grown up and lived in diaspora only to return to the Motherland occasionally, I have found such villa trips tiresome and taxing. That's not to say I don't enjoy it, or that my parents loathe it, but you spend half your time out there repairing and fixing the home to what it once was, and the other half entertaining the countless guests who'll inevitably drop by upon news of your arrival. No matter how low key you are, these trips seem less of a holiday upon returning to the UK, as you feel spent not just financially but emotionally and physically also.
Necklace (pendant detached) : Wallis | Bag : Warehouse | Sunglasses : Oscar De La Renta
This trip to Turkey however, was God-sent...literally! I'm a Christian, a Historian, an Activist, a Sociologist, Psychologist, Sponge of modern and historical culture...among other things. So I was not even half prepared for this utterly enriching journey. I learned so much about myself as a Christian, a woman and a friend, and left rejuvenated and ready to face the next chapter of my life. Needless to say, this #QuarterCentury chapter of my life is off to a great start!
"Rest is sweet to those who labour" Plutarch