Race of Life

A few weeks ago, I turned up (banner et al) at Hyde Park to support my sister, who ran 5k  Race for Life to fundraise for breast cancer research. It was on the sidelines of this race that I drew the analogy that marathons like that, are akin to life, and here's why. 
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I lived a lot of my earlier life comparing the speed at which I ran my race, with peers and friends alike. However, watching runners pace through pain, cramps and heat inspired me to look at life from a different perspective. There were women of all shapes and sizes sprinting, jogging and walking to the finish line. What was most interesting was not being able to tally the size or look of a woman with her record time once she crossed the finish line. Peering at someone else’s journey will do nothing but distract yours. So pining after someone else’s fruits will gain you nothing but a jealous spirit, cause you anguish over the lack in your life, and push you to act uncharacteristically in order to fit their mould. Remember "direction is so much more important than speed. Many are going nowhere fast". So harken to the words of satnavs at speed camera sightings and "WATCH YOUR SPEED"...and yours alone.
A very profound friend of mine spewed this nugget of wisdom: "some are meant to have more interesting starts than others, but it serves 2 purposes; to make you strong/resilient & encourage others with your story". I have shared snippets of my faults, failures and fall-backs, as testimony to you all that you don't have to be a stellar student or candidate to reach the point on the pyramid you aspire to climb. Please believe that with hardwork, perseverance and faith, you can conquer all. I am writing this for all those anxiously biting nails as they overthink their lifeplans, exam results and job application forms. Know that it may not pan out as you wished it, but the end result will be far better than your wildest dreams.
Many started in groups but few dropped off due to lack of training or sped up as a result of a fitter physique. A story my sister shared struck me; 2 girls decided to sprint earlier on in the race, leaving behind their fellow team mates but soon one girl's sluggish body slowed down her partner and the other team mates soon caught up and over took them. This is no fable. In life, it is important not to be siamesed to others as our lanes are designated to us at birth and it is our purpose to fulfil our races at our best speed, and not another's. Stay in your lane because trying to run in another's will only serve to amputate you.
Run your race at your pace because your only competition is yourself. BLEURGH