Cash au Coin

Following on from my previous post, I wanted to continue this 'Back to School' Series by discussing the much shrugged issue of finances. This isn't much of a worry for the teens - but I don't think I have many readers in that demographic - so into the coin pit I delve.
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A friend too many confided in me about their dire financial state recently, and it's genuinely puzzled me. This was even more so in University, where young adults were entrusted with large chunks of money in the form of grants, loans and Bank of Parent hand-outs for the first time. I love the finer luxuries in life, but I'm smart enough now to cut my coat according to my size & live within my means. That's not to say I have never been strapped for cash, but my ignorance was my saviour as having never signed up for a student account, I never relied on the safety net of an overdraft. That meant whenever my balance was tipping towards the 0, I bactracked my plans and sat my butt at home.
Plate hanging on adjacent side of Bank of England Museum entrance

Hustle & bustle of the City (Bank Station)
University is a big melting pot of individuals from all walks of life; truly a priceless experience. Some have been taught the value of money, and others haven't. In order to have a great time, it's better to be in the former category but you must learn that it isn't all dependent on you but also your social circle. The same is evident in the real world. The gold-diggers, leeches and a thirsty broads aren't sectioned to just young adulthood. Thus, it is incumbent on you to surround yourself with like-minded folk or smarter ones even, so as to properly economise and maximise your coin's capacity.
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In light of that, here are a few folk I advise you to steer clear from in University (and life):
1) Blow-Money-Fasters: These are the folks you see making champagne rain in the clubs on the weekend, yet soak nothing but garri through the week (no shade). Be careful of these people 'cos they are frivolous and fickle, and their value system is based on aesthetics and materialism.
2) Never-Ever-Reimbursers: You know them by their wandering eyes and dodgy behaviour when it comes to cab-money-collection, pizza-payments or payback-card-qualms. Beware of these folk because they are just as shady with their trust, as they are tight with their purse.
3) Treat-Tramps: These rats lurch in the shadows waiting for an opportunity to throw you in the frontline to pay on their behalf. Your purse is already open so it makes perfect sense...or so they say. Be wary of tramps that base your friendship on your ability to treat them. I call them sappers, cos they will sap your coin, confidence and connections. Don't say I didn't warn you!
One's coin capacity is dependent on the ability to limit the need to lavish it on luxuries. BLEURGH