Yeezy Taught Me: Kimye Wedding

I'm starting a new series aptly titled 'Yeezy Taught Me'; life lessons learned from the infamous hiphop rapper. I'm no times, I can't even stand him, but the truth is, he instills some wise words occasionally and his actions are worthy of deciphering so why not theme a whole series around him? Plus, I've always loved that Chris Rock skits...go figure
Parklands, Quendon Hall, Essex
Its wedding season and I attended one of the most beautiful ceremonies this past weekend and and I was left mesmerised. They have that 'Disney kinda love' and it was beautiful to have been present to witness it. That brings me back to Kimye, who look so loved up and genuinely happy together (the little we have seen on countless magazine covers and KUWTK) that one can only imagine what the guests would've felt like at the wedding.
Dress : H&M | Heels : Steve Madden
So here are a few lessons I picked from the union:
1) Frog Prince - kiss a few frogs & you'll eventually snog your Prince at the altar. Without slandering her ex's characters on the worldwide web, it's clear they were somewhat incompatible, and although I'm no fortune teller, I can see a future for Kimye. Why? Because he will genuinely fly to the moon and back if it'll make her happy.
2) Cycle of life - we live in such a liberal society that traditional family structures are being abandoned but it's encouraging to see a couple who flipped the script but still confirmed to unite before God and their loved ones
3) Patience - as a KUWTK stan (having watched it since Season 1) I've seen Yeezy's shadow one too many times. 1,4,Y x Infinity boyfriends & husbands man got the slice of cake to take home!
4) Look Up - whipped, smitten, cuffed...whatever term you want to use for a man who is head over heels in love with his girl, well...that's Kanye. He enlightened the stamps on her passport. Widened her social circle. Not to mention finally bagging her a cover on VOGUE. He looks up to her & she revels in it. Someone once told me that you have to marry a man who loves you more & although I had my reservations at first, I can see the truth in that now. 
5) Flamboyance is limitless - the wedding was elaborate. The guests were elegantly (well...some) dressed to the nines. The execution was perfection. Love has no bounds and if you wedding is a reflection of this, it should perfectly reflect it.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Yeezy taught me...that the expression of love, sex (listen to 'I'm in it' on Yeezus) and marriage are limitless