I am struggling to understand the rationale behind sharing intimate details with complete strangers on the internet. The concept has been adopted by numerous structures such as group therapy or rehabilitation centres, but there's usually a mediator to help channel your raw emotions into productive change in order to aid self-development. 
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Sadly, there's no such figure online, and what is occurring is an outcry for attention, affection and flippin' affliction (from the slither tongued e-bullies). There's been much hoo-ha for the last decade over the need to embed a 'panic button' on social media platforms to alert the oga at the top of malpractice or misuse of the platform.  However, its effect has been somewhat redundant in my opinion. I think its great that people think sharing their life experiences will enlighten an individual to the error in their ways & perhaps redeem them from further transgression, but at what cost?
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The vlogger who inspired this post chronicled her challenges from birth to present, and I couldn't help but cringe from nought to finito. What transpired wasn't a cathartic recollection of her past and how it shaped her future, but rather, an individual in need of love, support and direction. What pushes someone to share such intimate details with an open host of individuals for the sake of self-promotion of a youtube channel or blog?
What we lack in present day society are healthy social networks. With people constantly looking over their shoulder, questioning the loyalty of their connect, its no surprise that individuals feel no way about purging online to complete strangers instead of relaying such intimate details to their close friends and family. What they fail to fathom is the threat this information poses to their future. Employers are far more vigilant on social media and its common knowledge now that they trawl through every data on prospective employees, and scrutinize candidates before ever pushing a contract across the table. Better be careful what you release into the public domain because, in essence, you are relinquishing authority over that information the moment you hit 'send'.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH - Addictions and convictions have no place on public platforms