I'm still struggling to understand this song; "these hoes aint loyal". For one to be loyal, one must be coming from a place of trust; showing continuing support to the other. Hoes are individuals (its more gender specific in the video, but for equality purposes, lets redefine hoes as male or female) who are paid in cash or kind, for the delivery of a sexually gratifying service. Hoe is basically a hood colloqualism for a prostitute. The marriage of the two is insane. So, please help me understand how a hoe can be loyal?
Shirt & Tank Top : Primark | Joni Jeans : Topshop | Gold Flipflops : Wuse Market (Abuja) 
Bag : Moschino (House of Fraser)
"I know girl, that you came in this bitch with your man / That's a no no girl / All this money in the air / I wanna see you dance" How so very condescending. To think that every girl can be bought is infuriating. Catching up on 'Made In Chelsea' yesterday, I was bowled over by the ploy of the Lothario, Spencer. Purchasing a Prada bag in exchange for a one-night stand with a disgruntled ex he'd cheated on in the past, cheating on his current squeeze...is just beyond me. The media is constantly promulgating this image of girls as merchandise. Our affections can be bought. Our attention can be purchased and our hearts can be exchanged once broken. 
Lord knows who this man is but he was so ceremoniously decorated I couldn't resist a picture moment with him. He then persisted to runs (definition: running game...chirpse...move to) me like I was an aristo. God forbid! Location : Transcorp Hilton (Abuja)
"With ciroc in the system? / Ain't no telling will I fuck them, will I diss them / That's what they be yelling, I'm a pimp by blood / No relation, I don't chase 'em, I replace 'em" Blame it on the alcohol if you will, but these lyrics are discriminatory. The blatant disregard for women is evident when he can't control his level of [dis]respect for his woman. And to think, these guys keep bagging multiple broads? To chase a hoe would be ludicrous 'cos the whole point is for them to come 'a sniffing once you're loaded with the mints. What is clear from these lyrics is a smeared line between the distinction of hoes and women. I fail to be termed as a 'hoe', but it seems these 18+ writers are trying to redefine 'hoe' in the same way 'n*gga' and 'b*tch' were in hiphop culture. 
"You can ride for a nigga ya whole life / New pussy fuck it up in one night" K Michelle - LOYAL Remix. THAT's the truth. Look around you and this message is rife on just about every media platform. On TV, we've got House of Cards' swinging spouses; Scandal's dysfunctional First family; Being Mary Jane's tumultuous addiction to infidelity, just to name a few. Not to mention music, movies and politics. These men are preaching to empty pews because the truth is, they "just got rich / now you with a gold diggin' b*tch" Da Brat - LOYAL Remix. These MEN aren't loyal. They knew the women they were in bed with and now they're playing victims. 
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Real men don't buy women...marinate on that