Now, this is not my normal preachy-preachy post, because its something I'm very guilty of. I scanned through my instagram photos the other day and noticed that 60% of them were head shots. God bless Apple for inventing the frontal cam, but I fear this is debarring us from taking in the world around us.
Selfie in Kakanfo Inn during my stay in Ibadan, Oyo State
Take, for instance, my time here in Nigeria. I've had the opportunity to travel and truly bask in the gloriousness that is Nigeria. I'm a tourist in my own homeland, but I don't care. When the occassion calls for it, I whip out my camera & get snap-happy. I became conscious of people's opinions about me & looking like a JJC, so the trigger-happiness reduced. However, what that resulted in is half of the shots of what I've experienced being frontal facing, and featuring my face in it, backing a landmark. What rubbish?? I'm sure future generations will care less about what I looked like 50 years from now, as they will a painting in its early years *sigh*
Selfie in the office before embarking on a trip to Ogun State
It is this 'selfie' culture that has led some to become obsessed with cosmetics, good lighting, filters, and extreme measures such as surgery. The plight for perfection is never-ending, but so is the plight for justice and fairness that calls for our attention in the world around us. I challenge myself to spend less time looking at myself, and more time absorbing the world around me. My fear is, once this trip is done...what memories will I hold? Photos of the top half of my outfit (that I have no full image of to post a proper outfit post on BLEURGH ...LOL...TRUTH!) or images captured of timeless moments in Nigeria?
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Selfish selfies results in nothing more than vanity thats deafening.