Generation Y

The term 'Generation Y' is one I am coming to familiarise myself with. It was coined to categorise the new generation of techno-savvy, religiously and culturally aware individuals. 'Generation Y' is so much more than the definition above, but that's the area I wish to delve into. We are consumed in a culture of media, socio-cultural awareness and lastly, vanity. Its odd to those from other generations, to watch us skype one another from different continents, bbm eachother from across the room, not to mention capture pictures and create collages of the most mundane things like the meal we are about to consume. Egging a pal of mine to join instagram and upload her world, for the world to see (I know, mind-boggling stuff lol), I was taken aback by a comment of a mutual friend. She critiqued the pictorial platform as a means of fickle self-indulgence. I beg to differ, but that's a topic for another day.
 Wife-Beater Tank : Dad's | Tank (layered) : H&M 
High-waisted boyfriend Jeans : Thrifted (Croydon)
It wasn't until I attended the birthday bbq of a fellow blogger (and now, friend), Assumpta, that I fully got to grips with just how open my online presence has become. I met an adorable reader there, who was well informed of the reason behind my current BLEURGHair, my legal aspirations, and my present relationship status. What humoured me is the fact that I went to great lengths to create an online alias, 'Onyxsta', which is uniform across all social networks. However, the purpose of this is defeated if at one glance, a reader/ viewer (I used to have a YouTube channel) can place me in one fell swoop. I was ignorant to the wealth of personal content I divulge in every post, but it is only akin to most 'Generation Y' individuals.
 Headscarf : Thrifted (Croydon) | Wedges : Primark | Studs : Matalan
There's something contagious about sharing your thoughts with those willing to follow. Something captivating about watching words of wisdom spread from individuals from different cultures, across different platforms. Yes, there is abuse of social networks on a daily. Yes, there are individuals that cannot grasp the fact that people HATE the purple words of a pointless BBM broadcast, or the irritating spams of yahoo-yahoo 419 crooks. And yes, the media amplify the woes of cyber-bullying because of ignorant tweets/hateful bloggers, but the basic foundation of social networks is to share your interests and thoughts with like-minded individuals. Some choose to use this platform to flaunt their wealth, or showcase their [photoshopped] beauty, but so be it. To categorically rule out all social networking platforms as vain threads of meaningless information, is highly mistaken. I have met some remarkable, truly inspirational characters online, that I may not have been blessed with the opportunity to network with in real life. We are the creators & directors of our virtual personas & plots.
I went into blogging & tweeting with full intentions of always keeping my online profile separate from my personal/professional life. I saw my blog, tweets and videos as a hurdle to professional success. I know my readers will see this as ludicrous, as i try and post positive messages & spread uplifting words in a comical light. Truth is, I am an outspoken individual who sometimes posts controversial topics or tweets non-status quo words that could jeopardise my career. Not to say that this rather blurred line will cease to exist. On the contrary. Creating that divide has helped, as I am untraceable to the untrained eye. In my opinion, YES, share...but be watchful of the damage that shared information can cause. I'm not an open book in real life, but I can share more than Gossip Girl online using metaphors and proverbs. I am aware that it won't take MI5 measures for a persistent employer to place my online alias to my real self...but until that day comes? I will continue to adhere to the characteristics of a Generation Y bi-product, and share my life Onyxsta.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Freedom to share cos you're a Generation Y spawn, could result in you being the one the professional shoulders shun. Xisses
P.S. From now on, BLEURGH posts will be uploaded every Wednesday at 6:30pm. Stay Tuned