From Blog World to Real World

Hola Bleurgher Boos! Fresh from a fun-filled weekend! My stint in London is over....for now. Back in Manchester to round up final graduation plans in time for Thursday....EEEK! So excited you wont even believe it!

On Friday, I met up with some lovely bloggers for a day-out in London! I was hella excited to meet them & initially, I thought it'd be a tad weird seeing people in 3-D that I'd blog-stalked and probably could recite each item in their wardrobe (ok I'll stop, this is starting to sound a tad stalkerish *quiver*)...but it was actually SO cool! At the end, we were all joking and cracking up with eachother like we'd grown up in the same surburban neighbourhood since our terrible-two's. 
 It was SO funny sharing blogger tales and teasing each other's signature blogger poses. These girls are so cute and cool....I had a lot of fun x
 Left : Dami from
After a spot of retail indulgence here and there on the highstreet (thank GOD they visited the vintage stores before I got there *hurl*), we went to Vapiano for some much needed grubs on Italian delights.
 Clockwise from left : Lola from; Jenn from; Jen from & Lolade from
Top Right : Anne from
Bottom Right : Tomi from
Made a video of our time together so be sure to check it out & like on youtube! X
Can't wait for the next meetup & hopefully, I'll get to meet more lovely bloggers. Be sure to check out their blogs and their posts and accounts of the meet.....gotta show my girls some love xisses
I LOVED what they were all wearing! Unfortunately, I didn't envisage staying in London that long so did not pack anything remotely fashionable with me *sigh* bear with my attire. PLEASE! LOL

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Lovely meeting girls from the Blogworld in the real world...Xisses