** Soundtrack of the Minute - I'm Ready For Ya : Drake **
OMG! How long has it been? I have totes missed bleurghing, you don't even KNOW!! SO much has happened and the next post will be dedicated to a quick catch-up but as i promised you guys a video of me at Drake's concert...had to make the video. It actually didn't take me that long on iMovie & I hate manuals so I did it all by myself without resorting to Youtube or Google tutorials so go easy on me guys.....critique wise *blush*
I also fell in love with one on my BLEURGHSESSIONS all over again -  meek'n'mild and 'Shirley B Eniang' also does YouTube videos and that's seriously inspired me to zap up my account and upload my videos on there. So the 1st video ofcourse is of Drizzy, but there will be many more....be sure to 'like' and comment guys xxI would still appreciate your support on my YouTube page so don't forget to visit 'Onyxsta' and like, add friend, etc...

The prelude epic journey to see Drizzy is a tale worth telling! Got there and hour and a half to the opening time and after warnings on how packed the queue was the night before, we were growing wary of how we would even catch a glimpse...talk less of see Drake at all!! Me and LolliHearts were determined to get to the front though, and after several failed schemes devised, we reached deadlock at this cruel unlicensed dictator who picked victims with pushers he saw as vulnerable ie US! However, we stole our moment when he was distracted by people climbing frames and about to get past and as my bag caught on the railings, I feared we wouldn't make it....sure as hell, we did! Pulling up linked barriers and joining in the serge of rascals, we made our way in 1st before friends that had queued for the better part of the day *giggles*
 Blazer; Scarf; Leather Belt : Mother's (borrowed)
 Being the keenest fan known to man....I purchased a Post-Concert TShirt from the Official Merchandise bit...wasn't looking to get scabies from the rasta man selling dutty hoodies off the floor outside! LOL...You likey?  
Do.Right.And.Kill.Everything (acronym for D.R.A.K.E)
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH! R.I.P to the girl you used to see...her days are over. Xisses