Bristol & Back

I went on a mini-roadtrip (does it count as a roadtrip if I went solo by train?) to Bristol...yer thats a 3hr+ train journey from Manchester....for my friend's Graduation the other day. It dawned on me the night before that this would be the 1st long commute without Blanche (My MacBook) and I wanted to come as prepared as ever as I bore easy, and have the attention span of an ant.
 Arm Candy of choice : Black Leather Satchel from Oasis
 (Only £15 in the sale - £13 with a student discount)
 Gizmo Geek
Without Blanche I needed other forms of entertainment...I don't leave ANYWHERE without my iPhone4 and Blackberry...addict! Also packed my Fujifilm digital camera, which came in handy as they only had their phones and forgot a camera for I was Perez for the day LOL. Also HAD to bring my Nintendo DSi which i have neglected of late *bows head in shame*. The wires are the iPhone USB and BB USB (as my BB no longer charges from the mains adapter) and the Apple USB head.
HEAT Magazine - which I actually pinched from the seat beside me after the lady was kind enough to leave it there. The Graduation booklet & an old edition of Marie Claire that I also pinched from my eyebrow threading parlour...don't judge me. lastly, the Lauren Conrad - LA Candy (Christmas pressie) novel
Bare Necessities
DKNY Purse that holds all my essentials from lipgloss to DSi cartridges. 
My card wallet (which was actually my ex's...ahh well! One good thing came from that breakup LOL) that literally holds about £300 worth of cards...I seriously fear everytime I think I've lost it! 
DELL mint case.
Oriental woven mirror - a gift from my cousin from America
iPod (I'm a music freak) and Tissues lol 
 Blazer : H&M | Snood : H&M | Fingerless Gloves : Dorothy Perkins | Satchel : Oasis 
Dress : Urban Outfitters | Heels : Miss Selfridge
 The ceremony was beautiful! Although, tbh I spent most my time yawning and blog-hopping my BLEURGHsessions' coverage of LFW and the LOOK Show lol *blush*
 Went to dinner at this Chinese Buffet called Flavour Z and I fell in LOVE!
 First time ever indulging in a live cooking station! The prep and meal was fabulous. This was actually my 2nd main after a pancake wrap of beef and lamb in satay and black bean...I'm a foodie!
 The dessert at this place was to DIE11 OMG! I was so tempted that I induged in 2 plates although my eyes were hungrier than my belly and I ended up not finishing the plate on the right. But was a beaut of a finisher :)
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