Status : Secrecy

"So long my lovesick youngsters. Goodbye my used to be friends...Farewell to my long-lost friends" 
All The Boys - Keri Hilson
This is running on the theme of yet another tag I am introducing called 'Bleurgh From The Past' and will feature old pictures and Vleurghs I never quite got round to posting. 
 This was the day before I left Manchie for the festive holidays and I HAD to 'launch' (as Mummy says) my leather shorts before I left. 
Fur Headband : Primark | Snood : Primark | Loose Tank : BAY Trading 
Chain Arm Candy : House of Fraser | Leather-look (actually Viscose) Jacket : ZARA
Cardigan : Primark (Menswear)
 Leather Shorts : Primark | Boots : Barratts
 This was taken by a stranger, shopping for rings with her boyfriend. I lied that I needed these pictures for a class project and I needed the pics against a retail background....oh I love white lies! LOL
Head Candy : Vintage Store (Selsdon) | Snood : Primark | Oversize Shrug : Lipsy (purchased from eBay)
Loose Tank : Tommy Hilfiger | High-Waist Shorts : Primark | Boots : Barratts | Bag : ZARA
 The Sunday after Christmas, me and my sister indulged in a mini-photoshoot in our backgarden LOL.....I got a balloon from church inscribed with the words "Happy Birthday Jesus" and that was my prop for the day :)
Blazer : H&M | Dress : Debenhams | Wedges : Christmas gift from **Chux
 Whenever me and the family get together, we just have so much fun! As you can see from my face, I'm a tad giddy with joy....I can't quite contain it *giggles* I flipped the camera and let **Cidz join in too. She's a nutter!
As you guys know, I'm not one for divulging secrets. But a good friend and I "laid all our s**t bare" (my ex co-blogger **Tee's favourite line from 'Save the last dance'), now I wish I didn't cos the consequences have proven fatal. Is it better for a 'friend' to withhold the truth and let you carry on with your life, or to tell you the secret, as painful as it may be to hear, and let time heal the wound? 
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Clinging on to the past only seizes your progress to the future. Xisses
P.S. Thanks for all the support! BLEURGH  has just reached the 10,000 mark since its solo-relaunch in November. And thanks to all my new and old followers!! Can't believe I now have 60+...I'm so grateful xisses