Music Wednesday!

Hey guys, I know we were meant to be doing Music Mondays, but I'm having a musical day today, it seems to keep my mind occupied, which I can promise you all is a really good thing. So today, I'm having an appreciation for Rihanna and her new album, I think its great, and really shows of her personality. Its edgy, raw and her accent really comes through. So I think I'll share a song off the album that has been on repeat on my playlist a lot today, and that is Te Amo:

BTW: Just to note, it is not an expression of her lesbianism, the song is about a girl dancing in a club, and another one comes over and dancing with her, but its not just dancing, its very touchy feely. Interesting topic, I'm sure some can relate??... Well regardless... I still like it, and thought I'd share... soooo... toodles! xx

Yaya says...... BLEURRRGGHH.... Te Amo!!!!