BLEURGH's Music Video Mondays

So me & YaYa are Music fanatics!! So we decided to share every Monday (kinda helping our posts become more regular) some of our favourite/ addictive songs ....If this were done last week...on the list would have been Staccie Orrico "Don't Ask Me To Stay", Alicia Keys "Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart", Cheryl Cole "Fight for this Love", Chris Brown "Crawl".....
But sadly, we failed to follow through but on a brighter note....we have NEW MUSIC Bleurghers!!!
This week is kinda unique cos I'm focusing on new VIDEOS but next week should be better....I was also thinking of doing 'Throwback Thursdays' where I share some of our highly entertaining and slightly personal video blogs....before we created Bleurgh! What do you guys think...oui or non?

But without further adieu....

Toni Braxton ft Trey Songz = So Yesterday
(In my opinion, they both needed each other! She needed a young star to keep her "hip" cos with the divorce scandal, etc circulating. She needs someone to keep her in tune to what really matters with the younger audience. And well, as much as i LOVES me some Trey BayBay...his record hasn't been selling as well as he'd hoped so...these 'featuring' gigs will mean a LOT for his bank balance! Let not fail to mention Toni's one HOTT tamale in this vid lol)

Keri Hilson = I Like
(The song's VERY European!! Kelly Rowland better watch out...another R'n'B princess is tapping into the fast-paced techno scene....ouch! The jig's up! The video doesn't really Do anything for me tbh...she's in some next room while the main story surrounds a tranny....hmmm How RIVETTING...NOT! lol)

Shakira ft Lil Wayne = Give it up to me
(The song isn't really saying much but oddly, its VERY catchy!! I catch myself saying "down boy" now & this what they so frequently warn about the dangers in the power of music? NAH!! Lol...the choreography is on POINT!!)

And OBVIOUSLY I was gonna save the best till last...
Alicia Keys = try Sleeping with a Broken Heart
(This was nowhere NEAR what i imagined the concept envisaged Alicia in her bedroom moping with her lover getting like visions or something....but that would be much like the "Doesn't Mean Anything" video. This concept is FAR better....she takes on a Rogue (from XMen Comics) character who can heal everyone else's broken heart but the one she TRULY wants is beyond reach, and instead all she can do is hurt him. I'm sure a LOT of us can relate to this. After weeks of chanting this song as my morning anthem, shower power, or midnight lullaby...I am pleased to finally put a visual to the lyrics. WELL DONE Homewrecker!!)

On a side note, I missed the AMA's last night but thanks to Twitter I was able to keep up with all the ins and outs...

YeYe says...BLEURGH!! Music is SO powerful, it manages to encapsulate whatever emotions we are going through and just convey them via lyrics....Watch Glee's latest episode, it's VERY much so linked to that theme!