Good times are rolling!!!...

Hello all, its been a WHILLLEEE since I've blogged I know, its been a pretty hectic couple of weeks, but I will say fun hectic. Yeye's blooged all about of fun times with the girlies, and I'm glad to say that they keep flowing. Me personally, I can start the Friday before reading week, where Yeye and I took a trip to Birmingham to attend a Halloween party called 'Thriller' (I know... scary). At the same time we had a mini Ditzee reunion, as one of our friends is in Birmingaham... happy happy joy joy!! Soooo Thriller... yes... fun times... apart from the lack of oxygen and space to move, I would say it was a succes... *cough*... yes... and at the end of the night we EVEN got to walk home in the rain!!! Couldn't ask for a better night myself :D...

I know usually we write were we got our outfits from and such like
But I just decided that this was a nice pic, so put it up
The format is the same,
Yeye went as a rock chick (Like the tear drops??.. My handy work if I do say so myself :D)

Anywhoooo moving on to reading week...

For reading week, I left the girlies, and the Manchie ways, and went back to London... it was goood, not amazing, but a nice rest, where I could eat when I wanted, and watch The Bold and the Beautiful everyday without fail. GOOD TIMES!! I have still to get the Wilma girls into it... but dont worr
y, I will!

Reading week also ended with a reminder of the great one.... MICHEAL JACKSON!... Meaning I got the chance to watch 'This is it' with my mummy, I have to say that I was througoughly (that word just looks like its spelt COMPLETELY wrong... but mehh... you get my drift :) ) So like I was saying, I was really impressed, MJ is truly the King of Pop, a perfectionist, and that concert would DEFINATELY have been amazing. I would advise anyone who hasnt watched it, and still has the chance to go and watch it, you wont be disappointed. Oh and if you wanted to know (Well... even if you dont, I'm still telling you..) that MJ is now officially my uncle... so anything anyone needs to know about him, please feel free to bleurgh-back with any questions, and I'll be sure to answer them for you :D. NOTE: The questions answered will be according to my discretion, Jackson family secrets are very sacred, and wont be thrown around all willy nilly... I'm sure you understand. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Next on the menu... thats right, you guessed it.... Yeye's Surprise Birthday!... So for the occasion, I decided to do things a little differently this time around... :D

So as I may or may not have said, I'll add a picture or two... (or maybe just one because I'm lazy) to document the night...

Yes even during her bday party the ms cant put down the BB... its an addiction I tell you ADDICTION... Like the dress??.... heheheh... I do too

Yaya says...... Bleuuurgghhhhhh... let the good times roll for as long as they can, because before you know it bills and babies will come flooding through the door!!!