Girls' Weekend!!!

I can never truly get bored in Uni, espesh (TRANSLATION: especially) now I'm living with my ditzees!!! This whole weekend has been sooo much fun with random girl time chats, karaoke, ordering in food, dance marathons and OFCOURSE watching X Factor!!! (I still can't get over the fact that Danyl was in the bottom are Britons nuts or what?)

YaYa and I went manic latenight shopping in Trafford Centre on Friday...the place closes at 10pm!!! Talk about shop 'till you drop? Topshop had some SICK sales!! So much so that we were the last customers in the changing rooms & the clerks were impatient and tired cos they just wanted to go home lol. I forgot my card at home but was lucky enough to have a great friend like YaYa to lend me funds, but i didn't go crazy and just purchased this bandage skirt...tres k-YOOOT!

You already know I love re-inventing outfits... so i wore the pashmina over my dress as a top lol
Cardigan = Madhouse
Pashmina = London Market (I think)
Boobtube dress = Topshop
Belt = Macy's (detached from a dress)
Lycra Leggings = Attic (Manchester Boutique)
Uggs = Primark

FINALLY went to church for the 1st time since I'd been back at Manchester. I'm more a Church of England girl & actually got in a mini-tiff with my bff over my personal choices and likes, etc. But anyway, I digress...I tried out a semi-Penticostal church called Kings. Twas VERY uplifting and not to rowdy, I was truly moved by the sermon but didn't really appreciate the odd comments of "ooh" and "prech on" from the congregation....I found it quite distracting to be honest...BLEURGH!

I woke up far too late to do anything too inventive with my church
Blazer = Dorothy Perkins
Ethnic Necklace = Tejioso market (Nigeria)
Dress = Primark (kid's section)
Cotton ribbed tights = Primark
Chinese inspired pumps = Bay Trading

YeYe says...BLEURGH!! Kick back & chill with your girlies! Whether it's sipping a glass of champagne while sharing secrets or dancing the night away to your favourite it all! Fun's meant to be shared Xisses