The eve to 'International Womens Day' was marred by a conflict between new age liberals and staunch feminists. Why? The lady that is infamous for coining the term 'breaking the internet' - Kim Kardashian. Earlier in the day, she saw it fit to post a nude photograph, censored merely by what looked like black duck tape over her privates. Pardon my crudeness, but that truly expresses how tasteless the image was. This prompted critics of the Kardashian Kulture to rise up in protest, and modern feminists to pipe up in her defence. Was it empowering or demeaning for such a public figure to parade her birthday suit for the world to see via social media?
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My tireless thoughts on nudity, slut shaming, and modern feminism have been recounted time and again on BLEURGH. I will only waste my breath to ask one simple question; if it's liberating for a woman to pose nude, where is the male equivalent? Remember the uproar caused by David Beckham in his Calvins a few years back, and ol' boy was in briefs! There's nothing liberating about a woman naked...it's objectifying and sexually gratifying (for those who care to stare). As a Mentor,  I'm extremely worried about the impact of such images on young girls. Growing up under the influence of social media, rocking up to school with brows on fleek and lashes all decked, waists cinched in far before they are fully developed *sigh* All because they are growing up believing looks trump matter...it's a sad world we now live in!
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How have we regressed? Decades of fighting for equality, and all it takes is an influential family of beautiful women to knock us back? International Womens Day saw the launch of a new initiative: Planet 50/50.  The purpose of which is to step up gender equality across the board by 2030. This involves asking governments to make national commitments to address challenges women face that hinder progress and development. It sounds dull at first glance, but that's because we've been conditioned to disregard the gritty stuff for fluff. Pioneers like Stylist Magazine or Sheerluxe have caught unto the importance of packaging information for useful consumption by females. So, I urge you to pull yourself away from the self indulgent plight of finding the right light, and perhaps look inward and towards what more can be done to improve conditions for those on their way up or yet to come. 
The Bloggers' Hangout - The Beauty Bar (London Fashion Week Pop Up)
I'm weary of the media and celebrity culture (although I equally immerse myself in it for endless hour's watching reality TV) and could quite easily sit back and regard the Kardashian/Jenner with disdain, or I could recognise the reason behind their influence. These women have built a lucrative empire on vanity and social media. Those without means look to them as the pinacle of success; the American Dream if you will. Their demise is much sought by the media, but their solidarity and loyalty is unrivalled in Hollywood, hence the obsession with them. Never before have we seen women so shamelessly into their image, nor have we seen an utter disregard for talent still being worshipped by the masses. So what do we do when we can't understand something? Criticise it.
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Why am I bothering to juxtapose an empowering movement for gender equality with the Kardashians? Because they are one and the same. The insurmountable means by which each female member has carved a niche and succeeded is unreal. The passion by which each defends the other in the press, is unlike the much berated view that women loathe one another. The trends set and sheer success  of this family is unfathomable. Yet, we criticise. As a result, they revolt, like a caged teen in heat. Perhaps if we regarded them as the vehicle to influence positive change, we would be better equipped to create an equilibria in modern society. Much in the same way sports are used in just about every board room or school analogy. We could equally sit and mock  young men who prance around a field chasing a ball in shorts, earning far more than countless professionals...but don't. Instead we glorify them, create channels and entertainment platforms around them, devote time, resources and exert energy to better them. Let's do the same for our own. 
"Women share this planet 50/50 and are underrepresented" Emma Watson