Life's a Fun Fair

"it aint that serious" is one of my most used phrases, and there's some truth to it. I've found with adulthood comes responsibility, bigger decisions, smaller social circles, and more wahala than the content structure of my BLEURGH posts will permit. Choosing to indulge in the magnitude of the woes, however, is a personal preference. I was invited to the preview of Joe Browns' A/W 2015 collection pre-fashion week, and was thrilled to learn the night's theme was a 'blogger fun fair'! Roaming the room and mingling with other bloggers, I soon found a link between the theme and life. Indulge my musings.

Studs : Turkish Market | Choker Necklace : Wallis
You see, life is like a fun fair. Having not attended one for a while, I'd lost the thrill of youth that's birthed upon attendance. The ticketing at the gate is akin to the academic validation one needs to propel to the heights of the professional job market i.e. university/ higher degree qualification. The sheer excitement that builds as you move closer to the gate, can be likened to the feeling close to graduation, or that interview call-back. Then once you've received that ticket (degree), you'd assume entry would be smooth, however, there's order; a queue. Entry is manned, and theres a rigorous verification process, which is like the checks and balances adopted in an application process. The constant need to prove yourself. This can be a trying time for some, you begin to question who you are, your worth, the reason for the length of time.
Joe Browns' Blogger Fun Fair @ Bar Soho
Finally, you're in! You're among your peers in the throng of it all. Basking in the glory that comes with being the select few who've broken into this party of life. You see people from all walks of life here, old and young, black and white, and you feel happy to be among them. The rides themselves, as much like the various tests and experiences we encounter in life. The big dip which propels you to the summit, and untimely plummets you back down to earth is akin to those who've experienced redundancy having bagged their dream job. You're excitedly climbing up the career ladder one minute, taking in the sights and suddenly, the carpet is pulled from under you and you find yourself right back at square one, only feeling worse than when you began. The big wheel which spins you round and round is akin to those in dead-end situationships, whether it be a job, relationship or friendship, you feel as though you've been through the motions and have seen it all...done it all...heard it all. Its time for a change. Time to disembark, but you've committed to a certain time with this particular ride and must see it through to the end. I understand, this can be hard, but seek solace in the fact that it will end. It may not be in your time, but it WILL end. 
Me & Molly munching and mingling at the Blogger Fun Fair
Thanks to social media, we are a generation of observers. We love standing on the sidelines and seeing what X is up to, and what Y bought recently. That's all well and good, but what are YOU doing? Where are YOU going? What's next for YOU? These are all important questions, and ones that I am fond of asking myself, especially as I experience my quarter-life crisis (post coming soon). You see, just as in a fun fair, we cannot know exactly how a ride is, just by watching its current occupants from the queue outside. Neither can we guess how we'll feel purely from the shrieks and exclamations of said occupants. We can only truly know by going on the ride and experiencing it for ourselves. Millennial life has blessed us with the opportunity to learn from experienced mentors in our fields, to learn from the mistakes of previous entrepreneurial efforts, or bask in the glory of successful peers via their status updates and what have you. However, experience is the best teacher. 
Shirt : Blanco (Gran Canaria) | Ankara Top : DIY by Mother | Blazer : Husen Moda (thrifted) 
Waxed Jeans : Wallis | Fur Bag : DIY | Boots : Dorothy Perkins
Most importantly, I must drum in how important it is to just live in the moment! As expressed above, there are peaks and pits to the fun fair of life, but nothing beats the experience of it. I am often envied for my outlook on life, and my choice to try this concert, or enter this competition, but the truth of it is: if not me, then who? Why not you and why not now? You can choose to be depressed that your boyfriend walked out on you right when you lost your job and could no longer pay the rent for your new flat. Or you could look at it as an opportunity to try again, do it better, and build some solid relationships in the process. I'm no optimist, and this is extremely hard to do, but it CAN be done. Choose today to look upon your situation with a fresh perspective. 
"Its kind of fun to do the impossible" Walt Disney