Bloggers Love Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is upon us and its customary, as a female blogger, to dedicate a post to the new season of style. BLEURGH has never quite fit the customary mould, so I will indulge you. Fashion, style, beauty, even skincare are interests that are all too frequently dismissed in the academic/ intellectual circles - often regarded as being far too frivolous (bearing in mind the male counterpart - football - is common place hot topic in such settings, but I digress). However, stay late enough in the ladies, or hover long enough over a shoulder, and you may just be invited into the inner caucus of stylish discussions that escalate suddenly around September. 
Shirt : Blanco (Gran Canaria) | Jacket (reverse) : Burju (also worn here
Skirt : Designed by me, tailor-made in Nigeria (also worn here)

Photoshoot by GnBri Photography (Pic 1 & 2) on the porch of OXO2
Fashion Week and all its shenanigans was once reserved for the elite or fashion conscious alone, but thanks to Devil Wears Prada, social media, bloggers and genuine #FOMO (post coming soon), Fashion Week's ins-and-outs have become common knowledge. Interest in such was birth in our youth, with tween magazines trailing the must-wears and circling the shameful attires of the style-less. Now in one's prime, its critical to know what to try, what flatters your figure, and what colours will be in. Whether its what your favourite star is wearing, or what trends will trickle down to the high street, Fashion Week is a must on one's radar since the online millennia struck because it affords us an inside scoop far before its fully throttled down our throats by fast-fashion stores. 
The Bloggers' Fashion Week Collections & Catwalks
One of the questions on Sunday's #lbloggers chat (from 7-8pm every Wednesday and Sunday) was whether bloggers still posted original content? Or whether our posts were just clones of one another adapted to suit our target audience? Pardon me if I'm wrong, but BLEURGH has never quite fallen in line (which would probably explain its inability to 'blow'). Thus, I have always gone against the grain to discuss socially prevalent issues in a unique & thought-provoking way. Surely that's the purpose of having and writing blogs; finding and marking out your voice online.
Gifting Lounge with freebies from Berry White; Maison Ves; Miglio; Heaven Skincare & more
Being a life and style (or lifestyle) blogger allows me to weave between heavy topics, while juxtaposing it with stylish imagery of my #OOTD, and thats what tells BLEURGH apart from its competitors. That being said, the blogger market is saturated with many young people sharing that same vision for a platform to discuss prevalent matters, while still indulging in material interests such as style or photography. One need only attend an event during fashion week to see this. 
Studs : Swarovski | Necklace : eBay | Watch : Guess | Heels : New Look
Blogging allows you to belong to a community in an increasingly individualist western culture, and this is magnified somewhat during fashion week. Not to say we all roam around Somerset House/ Saatchi Gallery clone-like on a conveyer belt, rather Fashion Week indulges us mere mortals in another world of finer luxuries, beauty, style, and all things glamorous. Full immersion in said world gives us a unique sense of being a part of something different from your average 9-5. It is with this feeling bloggers run to their laptops and respective desktops to document its inner workings, leading readers to yawn at the duplicitous content we may churn out. Bear in mind however, the awareness being raised, the sense of inclusion such posts build...and revel in Fashion Week with us! 
"Every year...women...leave the past behind and look forward to the future. This is known as Fashion Week" Carrie Bradshaw - Sex & The City