Booty Beauty

I shut my trap when 'Partition' was released as a single and aired on daytime TV worldwide. I bit my tongue when 'Anaconda' broke Vevo records. However, I refuse to pipe down at the soft porn masked as 'pop music' that has infiltrated my screen in the shape of JLo's desperate climb back up the charts in her remix video with Iggy Azaelea for the Booty Remix. I watched her ENews interview, where she championed the rise of the 'booty' in the media, and prided herself for instilling confidence in women with that body shape. I don't knock that, neither will I commend that.
Dress & Turban : Ankara Tie-Dye BIY | Wedges : Primark
You see, women are brought up to pit themselves against each other (post coming soon), so with the rise of the booty comes the ridicule of those (like myself) who lack sufficient junk in the trunk. This is not a woe-is-me article, but dearie me am I sick to death of women's derrières blinding me as I innocently scroll down my social media feeds! I've raved and ranted about the patriarchal society being to blame for female objectification in the media. However, I control my social media account and the content I share on it. The women plastering their bare bottoms for the world to see are also autonomously choosing to do so. There's no PA snapping and sharing. There's no PR Agent sneakily leaking. So why are we, as women, succumbing to this meagre means of upward social mobility?
African Fashion Week, London (Kensington Olympia)
85% of music videos now feature some form of nudity. It should be shocking, but we're all so jaded that this seems like the norm; sex sells. I once remember closing my eyes whenever Bad Intentions came up on MTV Base (looking back, that was probably one of many clues that I'd grow up as a feminist, but I digress), badgering on about how it was unfair that the women were barely clothed, yet the men were decked out in Timberlands and triple layered Tee's. Now, I'm forced to question who is truly to blame? The male directors and artists who want to objectify women as sex objects? Or the women themselves for choosing to use their bodies as means of access into the world of fame and fortune?
Watch : Guess
I am not saying every woman should depend on their intellect to progress in life, because that creates a double standard as there are reputable male models who have done the same. Alas, these male models do not prance around set in schlong socks (a la TOWIE's Bobby Norris), but are cast as the male love interest dressed in fine wears. The closest we have gotten to seeing such, are artistically portrayed as alternative images like the pyramid in Brandy's 'What About Us?' back in the early Noughties. To conclude, the post and this blog has woken up. I no longer point the finger just at men for pedestalising this unrealistic body type and forcing women to endanger themselves undergoing unhealthy surgical procedures to enhance their lacklustre badunks. I also blame the women for choosing to base their slef-worth in their aesthetic appeal alone, and turning their backs (pun intended) on their true potential. 
The booty is beautiful, but so is the mind that crafted the garments to cover it. BLEURGH!!