7 Cardinal Rules of Life

I was in a 'this time last year' mood over the weekend, as it marked the anniversary of my sister's wedding. As happy a day as it was, it also fell around the time my whole world came crashing down. You will all be aware that i took time-off the e-world to focus on the real world, and one too many bloggers will be familiar with this. Why? Well, is that ever really relevant? What's important is the underlying message I hope to share with you, rather than indulge you in the details of the emotional, mental, spiritual and/or physical turmoil I endured spring/summer 2013.
Croptop : ZARA (DIY) | Trousers : Pat Shub (Thrifted) | Heels : Littlewoods
This time last year I was unfit, all round (post coming up soon), and it forced me to lean wholly on my spiritual foundation in order to rebuild myself into the woman I am today. That was no walk in the park, but it allowed me to rule out negating factors that were impeding my development, and pick up core values that I stand firm on 'til today.
Turban : Afro-Carribean Hair Store
Necklace + Bracelet : Abuja Arts & Crafts Market | Belt : Primark

As a Christian, I live everyday with the motive to embody the fruits of the spirit in my conduct and speech. However, the journey to inner peace or the formidable plight to faithfulness is so littered with obstacles that it benefits me to break it down into tangible chunks in order to fully understand how exactly I can overcome life's woes & foes. Thus, it struck me one day, while flicking through my instagram feed; 7 Cardinal Rules for life. I overcame my obstacles and faced my fears in order to triumph over defeat, but thats only one hurdle; it is inevitable that more will come (and have thus far, since).
So I drafted a list of my life lessons that I learned from the past year and have held me in good stead through trials and tribulations. That's not to say these same 7 are universally applicable, but they transcend most of the qualms I have and will face. Feel free to let me know some of the lessons you have learned in the comments below, but in the meantime, I thought to share:
  1. Make peace with your past
  2. Be a critic to your criticism
  3. Importance of time & patience
  4. Disappointment builds character
  5. The world is your oyster
  6. Don't compare yourself to others
  7. Let Go & Let God
Inhale, exhale, smile. Life isn't fair so it's better to stand firm on concrete values in order to beat it by a mile. BLEURGH!!