FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real
Before I made the decision to travel & work abroad, I had to overcome fear; Fear of leaving my friends, family, and familiar surroundings. Fear has a way of wrapping you up in falsehood, denying you the liberty of hope, joy or dreams. I was drowning in a sea of  'what if's, suffocating in a land of 'but's and deafened by the din of  'don't's. Yet, here I am...

 Crop Top : H&M | Necklace : eBay | Skirt : Karen Millen | Heels : NEXT

Money - The first issue to consider is your financial limitations. Money makes the world go round...or atleast makes you go around the world. I am fortunate enough to be a member of a profession that looks favourably on the allocation of financial aid to help you achieve your dreams. Scholarships, burseries and grants are awarded to students, new pupils (during pupillage) and tenants by your respective inns, to aid in your academics or plights abroad. I was unsuccessful on both counts, but didn't let the fear of failure restrict me from seeking help elsewhere. As a result of casting aside my fears aside, I secured a grant from a Charitable Trust for my trip

Nigerian Dish : Nkwobi
Peer Pressure - My sole resolution last year was to be content. However, that didn't curb my habit of comparison. I lived in constant fear of lagging behind in the Race of Life. Some peers were already knee deep in graduate roles, while others were being whisked away on romantic dates with long-term beaus, and here I was...LIVING! I changed my outlook on life in 2014. I saw that my status granted me the freedom & platform to live out my dreams. Without having the responsibilities others did, I was able to carve out the time to embark on a life-long dream of serving marginalised women in the 3rd world using my gift; advocacy.
Live band at Piccadilly Bar on the Island (Lagos, Nigeria)
Insatiable Appetite - I'm not on an Eat-Pray-Love pilgrimage, but I'm enjoying good food, great company & gratifying work. All this would not have been possible had I not set aside my fears & embarked on this journey. Granted, my initial reasons for coming here were somewhat skewed, but God works in mysterious ways. I'm learning so much about myself, life, my heritage and justice. Quite frankly, I wouldn't have wanted to start my year anywhere else.
Flaws & All: Showcasing my scar from the accident this summer where I split my jaw

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Don't live out your fears. Overcome them & live out your dreams instead.