Best Foot Forward

In life, there's a certain extent 'blagging' can get you. For all those embarking on new turf e.g. starting College/ University/ graduate job market, I've got advice for you; PREPARE!
Its as easy as that. Yes, you can blag your way through seminars/ tutorials/ interviews, but as my mother always says "who are you deceiving?" You can safely sail through tests on basic knowledge or chinwag your way through interviews, but lets face facts, in order to truly excel at anything in life, effort has to be sown in at some point.
 (Apologies for the sneaky foot shot...look away!)
Leather Biker Jacket : H&M | Maxi Skirt : ZARA 
Do not fret if you have started on the wrong foot. So what if you've partied your way through freshers' week and drank far too much to remember the lectures in-between? What matters is what you do from the moment you're done reading this post. The time to start is NOW! Whenever you may be reading this post...QUIT PROCRASTINATING. If you put in 100% (ok ok...80%) effort in from the beginning, then you need not fret last minute. That applies to all realms of life, not just students or newbie job seekers.
I recently closed a chapter of my life; transition from full-time employment, to enrolling in full-time post-graduate education. On the last day of employment in most establishments, its status-quo to deliver a speech upon receiving your leaving gifts. I was aware of this, having donated to several colleague's leaving collection, and attended a few departure presentations. However, I chose to act on ill-advice (no offence, but I just KNEW I shouldn't have listened to my instincts) and walked into the situation unprepared. I beat myself up ALL evening after delivering a frantic spiel about gratitude, and not much else. It is nobody's fault but mine alone. We may mock the hype behind Michelle Obama's spectacular speech, as retarded sycophants dancing to the beat of the drum of political puppet masters. No doubt about it, her speech is a masterpiece. Masterpieces take effort, hardwork, and a 3rd eye. I cannot deny the work of speech writers working behind the scenes to make words like hers come to life, but it wasn't crafted overnight. It is the result of research, toil, and intelligence.
Body : Primark 
I am on a recurring roundabout of the same 2 life lessons:
  1. ALWAYS follow your instincts
  2. ALWAYS be prepared
I always thought Scouts were cooler than Guides, and now I know why. The Universal motto, 'Be Prepared', is very much the new mantra I am choosing to live by. That pertains to all aspects of life; mentally, spiritually, physically, etc. Who's with me?
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Sometimes its good to prep & take a seat, instead of manically having to think on your feet. Xisses