In an ever-liberalised society, it seems traditionalists like myself are coming under fire far more than our apparent 'minority' counterparts. Flexisexuality is a modernised bi-sexuality; i.e. the belief that love is not gender-specific. Heaven forbid an individual jump on their platform to think or say otherwise.
It appears that bi-sexuality has been stigmatised by both the heterosexual and homosexual community, and there was a need for new-age PR in the form of the the new term 'FLEXISUALITY'. In my view, this is a means by which individuals can lazily date, and do so without commitment. It baffles me why said individuals would choose to be confined within 'relationships' in the first place, when all they seek to do is freely move between individuals of all genders, but who am I to judge? Some may see flexisexuality as an expression of greed from an individual with an insatiable sexual appetite, but I see much more than that. I see a move in society from morals to baselessness. We are choosing to do whatever with whomever, without much care of another's feelings or emotions.
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Some may disregard my views as ignorant, as flexisexuals are apparently open about whosoever else they are seeing. However, having been a female in a situationship one too many times (and I quite literally mean ONE is too many times lol), I understand that sometimes in a bid to please and perhaps secure a future place with the one you love, you compromise your values. That means muting the voice in your head warning you when he mentions past infidelity; or shutting your eyes to his temper which ignites after-hours after a drink too many. 
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Why should that differ in apparent open relationships with a gender or two (or three...)? What is to say the woman who claims to be cool with the man you are seeing on the side, is in fact not seething with jealousy? That aside, why should traditionalists who would rather be in a monogamous, faithful relationships be cast out in disdain by modern day society for refusing to adhere to this level of liberalism? These thoughts swam around my head during a heated debate, or rather, an ambush by a wagging-fingered-Christian after an otherwise peaceful Sunday afternoon. In a bid to scold me for being a 'Christian' who sought to impose discriminatory Traditionalist Western on marginalised indigenes - having gone in support of a Missionary to speak at a local church - I soon felt like the marginalised victim being scolded by the liberalist Westerner. And it dawned on me that in a world where all views were accepted, it seemed some views were not. In a bid to accept and support the minorities, we have created a new minority. How flexible a view is that?
"The beauty of diversity is not to determine the right way of being, rather to foster mutual human respect regardless of differences" @TheStephWay

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