Beyonce Voters

During the last US general elections, Fox News' Jesse Walters coined the term 'Beyonce Voters' to describe/ refer to single ladies who voted. Walters stated that these Beyonce Voters weren't independent, as the affiliation with the megastar would otherwise have you believe. In fact, he argued that they were arguably the most dependent percentile, depending on the government for their basic needs as they cannot otherwise afford without husbands in the mix. These same single ladies make up 1/4 of the American electorate i.e. they are a powerful quota not to engage with. In the end, Obama won the single ladies by 76% in the last election. Why? Arguably it could be because his platform promised the provision of the things Walter argues these Beyonce Voters needed from the government in the first place i.e. contraception; free healthcare; and equal pay (heaven forbid we earn what we rightfully deserve considering we undertake the same workload as our male counterparts, but I digress).
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Why am I spitting bars about this age old tale? Well, because said Beyonce Voters may hold equal weight across the pond here in the UK; most notably in light of the EU Referendum vote that is to be cast by 23 June this week! Otherwise referred to as the choice between #Brexit or #Remain campaigns. The TV is chockerblock with debates, scheduled talk shows and what have you, highlighting the issues in a tangible and digestible way for its audience. It wasn't until I watched a Youtube video featuring high profile names in the fashion industry urging you to lend your voice to the cause and ensure you cast your vote, that I likened said vote here with the comment made 4 odd years ago by the ign'ant Fox News correspondent. 
Eventbrite 'Free Events' Exhibition at the OXO Tower
It seems somewhat silly for any party to cast a blind eye on such an influential group of citizens i.e. female voters. We saw a huge shift in the last elections with parties vying for the female vote by hiring out pink buses (BLEURGH), and even increasing the percentage of female representation in their cabinet, all in a bid to secure their much coveted votes. All the while bearing in mind that no party can afford to lump such a diverse group of people together! Not all women are the same; our cultural identity is of equal importance as a man's! Never have I seen male voters addressed in such a categorical fashion; rather they are split up by age, occupation, geographical location, etc. I need politicians to realise that women aren't a monolith to be labelled and figured out all at once. 
Eventbrite 'Free Events' Exhibition at the OXO Tower
There are factors worth considering such as the reason why women are more represented in state benefit quotas than men; perhaps due to the high proportion of single mothers in Britain? Having assisted in family cases in the past, I can vouch for the this personally. The same applies to the dependence on the healthcare system, or whatever else Walters wants to brand as a negative derivative of being a single woman/ Beyonce Voter. How so very condescending to brand single women voters as being driven by one aim. No, much like the eligible bachelors i.e. single men (funny how they are terms far more snazzily than an ineligible spinster), we consider all the factors that may affect us as a result of our vote prior to casting it. 
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So I urge you to dispel with the notion that you are a mindless voter as a single woman. Consider how your vote affects your freedom to travel; your state of independence as a British citizen; the free movement of goods if you are an International trader or entrepreneur. Read up on the repercussions of your actions before swaying one way or the other. And most importantly...VOTE!
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" 
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.