Thirst in the Heat

The sun's ablaze and people are starting to wear next to nothing enroute their various destinations so its safe to say...SUMMER IS HERE! Summer is a dangerous season for both breeds (calm down...we ARE mammals...its not really an insult if you view it from a scientific standpoint). Men are in hunting season, so they've hibernated for months on end in the gym and now is the time for their slaved hours to pay off. This will explain why 1/2 walk around topless beating their chests to hiphop summer jams, and the other 1/2 choose to purchase white tees too small that'll grope their chests until a fitting woman can take its place.
Top : H&M | Shorts : Vintage (BIY) | Wedges : Miss Selfridge
Then there are the women ofcourse...we are in HEAT! So we exfoliate until our skin begs for mercy and bronze away until our nostrils act like sundials. But somewhere along the way, there's some miscommunication in signals and all hell breaks loose when someone calls another a "hoe" for not biding to their charm or "thirsty" for being too forward, marking territory that hasn't yet been conquered. I speak in animalistic terms because frankly, if you people-watch in heat you'll see things as though it were a nature program on the discovery channel. It truly IS that basic lol.
New BIY denim cut-offs....Bleached bottoms (hope you guys like?)
Fellas, let me just make something clear from the get-go. If a girl isn't feeling you, no matter what you do, or how you go about things, she's just not that into you. So spin game all you like. Charm your socks off your freshly pedicured feet...if she's not on it, she will par your life! Thats where the ghetto word 'thirsty' saves the day. If you call/text her, she will claim you're thirsty. If you buy her nice things trying to charm her, she will mock you to her friends calling you 'thirsty'. Honestly? Don't take it personal and let it wreck your hunting season. Get back in the wild...there's FAR too many beasts in heat for you to be sweating over one that didn't suck the nectar from your trap.
Watch : Michael Kors | Bracelet : Market (Nigeria) | Ring : Miss Selfridge
Beware of the 'Thirst Trap' people! That goes for both genders. There are species out there oiled up and ready to trap. That means when that Draya looking broad flaunts her 10 status in a backshot pic in your bedroom mirror? THIRST TRAP! That goes for the Lance Gross swagged dude who's flaunting how many bottles he bought out in his Instagram shot? THIRST TRAP! If you're willing to be trapped? Then go on right ahead and attach your claws to that web. If not, there are signs! I wont out anyone's game...I'm not Steve Harvey. But you and I both know that if your instincts are twitching, then its probably time to start switching.
Thirst is such an ugly word in all honesty. Its a coward's way out. Instead of just bravely conveying the fact that you have zero interest in said person, you lead them on only to slam them down. Don't get me wrong, I'm not innocent, i'm just of an older generation that can sit on a high horse mocking the young buck's new choice of words. The thirst is real and all around. Market your thirst well and you may just walk out of heat with an icelolly firmly intact (apologies for the phallic imagery but you catch my drift...thirst quenched. Oh dear!). Sell your thirst pouch to the wrong nut and you might just find yourself liquidated at the end of the season.
Onyxsta says...SUPER THIRST! Xisses