My Twitter followers will be aware that on my self-love journey (more on that yet to come) to Belgium, I witnessed a man kill himself. I won't go into further detail about the incident, as having to relive it by retelling family, has caused me to fall back on my default position; humour. I have laughed through the ordeal, giggled through the local's reactions, and dismissed the impact it has had on me, all in an effort to deny it to my family, and myself, that it left some sort of impression on me.
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In an ever-liberalised society, it seems traditionalists like myself are coming under fire far more than our apparent 'minority' counterparts. Flexisexuality is a modernised bi-sexuality; i.e. the belief that love is not gender-specific. Heaven forbid an individual jump on their platform to think or say otherwise.


We spend our entire kidulthood trying to pose we are older than we are, then we halt at a certain age past 25 and start pining for younger years. It is at this age that we start retrospectively advising ourselves. We think back to the lessons we wish we had taken heed to, or the people we wished we would have ditched at an earlier stage, or never let go of. I sometimes share these lessons on Twitter with #LifeLessons, but I thought it best to share a collated list of my best tips in a post. This is in  collaboration with Casper. 
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Cake Up

I love makeup! That's why I wanted to start a 3-part series on makeup: Cake Up; Fake Up; Make Up. 
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Pit that Tit

I'm a woman. I'm a feminist. Yet, I'm still guilty of doing this; pitting women against one another.
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