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I'm home for the weekend and I was gonna post my 1st ever haul video after going on a mass retail binge on Thursday but forgot the camera with all the still images....sucky! OMG! I can't believe I've reached 100+ Followers!! I'm beyond ecstatic...thanks guys!! BLEURGH is not the typical blog, but I WAS thinking of conforming this one time and doing a giveaway to celebrate? Tell me what random stuff I can put together that you guys would love...like a BLEURGHamper. LOL
I was awarded by the lovely Tereza Anton from Drastic Plastic, a 'Versatile Blogger Award'....how lovely! As you guys are aware, I'm a photo-whore so I thought I'd depict the 7 things I love via pictures like she did, before passing on the award to 15 lovely Bloggers...x
 Growing up in Nigeria, I was caned for growing my nails and punished for painting my nails black for the end-of-term presentation (where I donned a white lace, fingerless glove a la Madonna)...I guess its liberating to paint my nails any darned colour I want now lol. I'm not one for leopard nailart or whatever, but I do LOVE colour.
Just did my hair today actually, I will give you guys a preview real soon, not to worry. But over the past year (yes...all these pics are all within the space of a year LOL *bows head in shame*) I've experimented SO much with my look, whether it be colour or crop...I LOVE hair! Well...hair to black women of my generation means weave so please, spare me...LOL
 I've been looking into purchasing bendy rollers as I'm thinking of investing in some Indian/ Brazilian Remy as I spend TOO much on hair (as you can tell from the frequency I switch up my look). Although I dunno how practical it would be to get Remy Indian or Brazilian as I get snap-happy with scissors...I bore easy. But for the curls in the pics above, I just perinkled my hair overnight with moose and voila! 
 I LOVE colour and highlights...and of late, I've been loving blonde contrasting with No.1 Black (top left). As you know, I reacted to the purple hair dye (top right), sad time....so be careful what products you experiment with dolls!
 Oh gosh...of late, like Nicola, I've been OBSESSED with Black and gold jewellery! SHEESH! Can't get enough of the stuff. I partook in Young Enterprise in Sixth Form and my company made jewellery, like, good trendy stuff as well. Since then, whenever I look at a bit of arm or neck candy, I see how easily the look can be achieved at home like the woven-ribbon necklace (bottom left) is clearly a big hooped silver chain and some ribbon leafed through each hole...genius (and for 1/2 the price). Or the button-embellished knitted headband (top left) can be created by using old buttons sewn into any old knitted headcandy you may already own. (Shall be doing some B.I.Y - Bleurgh It Yourself - projects soon for you guys...if you want?)
 As much as I love clothes, I've recently realised how much block colour pieces I own and how drab and plain my wardrobe has become. Since this discovery, I've taken a pledge to abstain from plain pieces and only purchase pieces with some sort of detailing, pattern, or SOMETHING interesting...
 I LOVE SHOPPING!! There's nothing more therapeutic, I think, than retail therapy! I serious am a full on addict, admittedly. I can't even deal with online shopping cos I need the thrill of feeling the cotton, chiffon, silk...and going to the changing room and trying them on. Ok...I need help. LOL...or just a life
 I had the accident of stepping on the weighing scale as I was reaching for the cotton buds behind the body lotion one early September morning and since that day I've been a certified gym bunny. I've always been the athletic type, being dance and house captain in my Sixth Form as well as a member of the netball, basketball, rounders, etc teams in High School. I guess I was the female version of a jock LOL. But since Uni, I've become a world renowned bum (shame my actual bum won't grow any bigger as proof)! Over summer was the worst, being home and enjoying mummy's food proved too much for my body and I gained an entire stone. So that sad September morning, when the realisation of my weight gain dawned on me, I joined my local gym (Virgin Active) and haven't looked back since.
But thats not to say I don't still enjoy the good things in life. I LOVE food! The way I see it, if I eat fatty, I can always work it off right? LOL...Thats a picture of the fridge me and my one flatmate share in Uni....yup! We love food :)
I wouldn't say I'm a party animal but I do like going out, getting dolled up and chugging down the demon juice. Good times! The way I see it, we only live once so why not have all the fun i can in my youth so i don't go through life, old and lamenting on what I 'could' have enjoyed in Uni.
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